The Apogee of Imbecility

The European ruling class likes to tell its subjects that the massive influx of migrants from the Middle East is harmless.  These are people just Europeans, they say, but unlike the privileged people of the West, the migrants have have had the bd luck to be living in a war zone.  We are morally obliged to accept as many of them as would like to come, because we can never say no to a refugee from anywhere, lest we be like the cold-hearted Christians who turned a blind eye to the Holocaust.

The narrative is wrong on many levels.  Perhaps the most glaring error is the statement that the Muslim migrants are just like Europeans (and Americans).  Of course it is true that we are all biologically human. We all have some moral compass. We use language to communicate. Does that mean we are one global family without meaningful differences? For the Euro-leftists, yes, that is exactly what it means.

By the start of 2016, the migrants’ behavior in Europe provided all the evidence we needed to point up the serious cultural differences between the Muslim world and the West. Starting with the rapes in Cologne on New Year's Eve, there has been a chain of sexual assaults in various cities throughout Europe, particularly Germany. Evidence has also been mounting that the migrant crisis will make it much easier for ISIS and other groups to follow up on the Paris attacks with similar terrorist atrocities. After the Cologne debacle, in which more than 520 women reported being sexually assaulted, a few of the other notable incidents across Europe have included the following:

- January 11 in Stockholm: At the annual “We are Stockholm” music festival, there were reports that gangs of refugees mostly from Afghanistan committed mass sexual assaults against girls as young as 11 or 12. This was followed by widespread accusations that Swedish police covered up the crimes.

- Week of January 15 to January 22 throughout Germany: There were a spate of sex attacks on children, both male and female, in swimming facilities across Germany. In particular, there was one very unpleasant incident of a pair of young girls in Munich being groped under their bathing suits and raped by a gang of “refugees” from Syria and Afghanistan. Perhaps this can be called diversity training for children, Afghan edition.

-  January 22 in Zwickau, Saxony: “Migrants” visiting the Johannisbad baths defecated into the kid’s pool, invaded the girl’s changing room, released their reproductive liquids into the Jacuzzi, and sexually assaulted some bathers, which prompted the locals to flee the baths. Apparently the locals who fled the baths were generalizing about all migrants who came to that bath. Why would they play the percentages and not be more inclusive?

- February 9 in the rural German village of Sankt Johann: German authorities conducted a raid on refugee housing because of two suspects having possible ties to the Islamic State. They found a 32-year-old man who had fought in eastern Syria as a notorious Islamic State commander and was responsible for dozens of deaths. They discovered that he had left eastern Syria via Turkey to seek asylum in Germany.

These are only three out of many incidents that have  occurred in Europe in the last 45-50 days.  The two most obvious lessons would even be acknowledged by the Western media: Women and children across Europe are increasingly endangered by Muslim men, and terrorism is a serious threat in Europe. But those two issues, significant as they are, are only symptoms of a deeper problem. What we see from the pattern of migrant behavior is a profound disrespect for the non-Muslim host societies.  The Muslim migrants do not apparently reciprocate the affection their European hosts have lavished upon them. Westerners are perceived by the migrants not merely as “different" but as religiously inferior and culturally hostile. So doing anything to them is regarded as fair game, especially in moments of frustration.  Acting out the sexual depravity that is common in many Islamic societies is not just natural reaction for the migrants, it is viewed by other migrants as acceptable behavior.

Of course, many leftists will counter that these are merely "isolated incidents” that cannot be converted into a general pattern. In fact, one of the trademarks of leftist thought is a contempt for what they call “stereotypes."  Any major corporation in America teaches its employees that stereotyping violates the company's corporate values. You might just come across an Italian who loves curry, or an Indian who loves lasagna. You just never know, so you'd better throw the mathematical concept of probability out the window.  One exception invalidates the rule and makes the pattern null and void.

Leftists hate stereotypes, because they inevitably imply that human beings are different, not just as individuals but as groups.  Stereotypes are rooted in empirically verifiable patterns of human culture and behavior. They are mathematically-based generalizations that are the product of observation. You see a group of people and you see most of them partaking in a certain activity or sharing certain beliefs. You walk away and assume that people from that group typically conform to those norms.

As you grow older and wiser, you realize that you should be temperate in making assumptions when you interact with different people, because exceptions do occur. But they are exceptions nonetheless, and you still understand that the patterns are real.  You may come across a Polish vegetarian, but 90% of the Poles you encounter love their pigs-in-a-blanket when Easter comes around. That is how mature, civilized people approach the differences in human culture. You recognize the differences, you accept the differences, and you employ humor and goodwill in dealing with them.

Leftists, on the other hand, are enraged by any suggestion that human groups (especially the groups they favor) display peculiar patterns of behavior. This is because acknowledging the patterns would lead to a negative assessment of their favorite groups.  They have to bark that "Not all Islamic countries are fundamentalist like Saudi Arabia! Not all Muslim migrants are rapists! Not all Muslims are like ISIS or al-Qaeda!" And what they are trying to say is that any generalization which would make Islam or Muslims sound deficient in a comparison is, prima facie, false. In taking this stand, they are asking for critical analysis to be suppressed and, ultimately, for the suspension of rationality to justify their prejudices. Wait a minute - isn't that bigoted? Inquiring minds want to know.....

The small list above is bound to grow larger and more disturbing in the months and years ahead. It will be well-deserved for the European ruling class. Perhaps after the next Paris's and Cologne's happen, European leaders like Ms. Merkel can replicate our community organizer-in-chief's speech at the Baltimore mosque in saying to Muslim immigrants what they just don't hear enough: "thank you".



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  1. Robert Reavis says:

    This is what young students are taught in their symbolic logic classes in every philosophy department in America. ( It’s a variation of an exaggeration by David Hume in dealing with probabilities instead of certainties, but I digress) The exception disproves the truth because all truth is defined as a quantitative certainty which can and must be measured in each and every case. The formal logic of Aristotle and the Christian philosophers has been lost, even its poor “re- presentation” by Maritain and that not so long ago, yet everyone seems pleased about it but you? I have heard, but do not know, that the word hypocrite is a derivation of a word meaning actor. It is possible the word sinner applies to all of us in more cases than does the word hypocrite to our intellectual class, but I doubt it.

  2. Dissident says:

    Yes Robert, I think you make an excellent point about the philosophical training people receive nowadays. But we should also keep in mind the double standards: the left does not have a problem with generalizing when the generalizing involves targets they do not like. For instance, the Holocaust is viewed by them as a crime of Western Christian culture, not merely a couple Nazis. The clergy abuse crisis in the Catholic Church is an indictment of the entire Church and the practice of celibacy among priests. Dylann Roof’s shooting incriminated every Southerner with a Confederate flag. Obviously the list could go on and on…..

    But even so, the left makes enough of a principled stand against “stereotypes” to remark on it. What they are ultimately trying to do is prevent people from seeing negative patterns about groups they favor. To that end, they take one piece of the puzzle (the fact that not all Muslims are ISIS or al-Qaeda members), while trying to suppress every other consideration. The most significant omission from their perspective is what one can find in the Qu’ran and especially the Hadith, and what those contents ultimately mean. As I remarked in an earlier column, leftists have for quite a while refused to make a serious attempt at understanding Christian theology, so it does not even occur to most of them that Muslims could take their own theology seriously. The exception to this stereotype – gasp – would be the Dawkins-Hitchens-Harris-Dennett-Maher crowd, but they have an entirely different set of problems than the enforcers of the diversity dictatorship.

  3. Robert Reavis says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful reply. There is currently a tremendous strain beneath the new order, or post Christian culture, or scientific secularism, or whatever name one prefers to describe our destructive and cultivated decadence from within. There is a comparative decency ( decency compared to any current alternative ) that is working overtime just to keep the entire apparatus running. I was in a large Midwestern city last week to watch a police officer friend of mine testify in a assault and battery domestic type case, in which a pregnant woman was beaten badly by her drug addled gang related boyfriend. An entire floor with at least 8 or 9 district court judges working long hours, prosecutors with daily caseloads that could not fit in a Wal-Mart shopping cart and public defenders who were often expected to be in two courtrooms at the same time. My friend rarely has a night in which he does not need to wrestle, subdue, mace or draw his weapon on felons carrying multiple convictions. If one measured our gross national product simply on those expenditures to keep appearances, it would look very gross indeed. When you try to immanentize the eschaton and the eschaton is the collective worship of all seven deadly sins simultaneously, you create something very similar to what already exists underneath the belly of our beast.

  4. Robert Reavis says:

    To give my post the proper perspective intended, I should have added that it was a Courthouse building with ten floors of courtrooms and the floor I was referring to was dedicated solely to severe domestic violence type cases. God only knows what the other nine floors were dealing with and frankly is not important to the point.