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Born Out of Due Time by Ched P. Rayson, Chapter Three: Conclusion

“I heard that kind of music–classical?– makes you smart and even the chickens lay more eggs.” 

“Maybe, but I don’t lay eggs and I don’t even particularly want to be intelligent.  I just live every day.  I don’t have to have an agenda.  I don’t make lists, and I don’t have a plan for getting rich or achieving world peace.  The world will have to survive without my help.  The best I can do is to live as well as I can.  The only real question I have to ask myself is, ‘What I mean by live?’”


Born Out of Due Time, a Fantasy by Ched Rayson. Chapter Three, Part A. Available to Silver, Gold, and Charter Subscribers

Fly to Mexico City some time and go to the Museum of Meso-American antiquities in Chapultepec Park.  They don’t pull any punches.  I had real nightmares for several days after seeing the so-called ‘Aztec Calendar.’  It was actually a sacrificial stone depicting their sun god.  His tongue is shaped into an obsidian knife that was used to cut the beating heart of the victims who were still alive.”

“Why did they do that?”

“Maybe they thought it tasted better that way.  The biggest food fad in China these days is to eat live animals while they are still squirming in the mouth.