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Paley, Darwin, and the Future by James Patrick


I might begin with the vernacular observation that, like all of Saint Thomas’s five ways, the argument from design seems rooted in human imagination.  At some point we wake up and look around and see that the world is wonderful.   We may be the Hebrew psalmist:  “The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork” (Psalm 19:1), or Saint Francis, who sang of brother sun and sister moon


I Dreamed I Saw Paree Last Night…

The other night I had a long and tortuous Corona-inspired dream. I had finally managed to get out of Illinois and the good old USA. I was in Paris at some kind of event or function I had helped organize, but it was in a strange part of Paris that looked more like Chicago or Minneapolis. It was one of those boring “procedural” dreams where you find yourself in the wrong room and cannot seem to locate the correct floor, and when you do, your number is nowhere to be found. Miraculously, I got everything straightened out, and it was...


1000 Years of Jihad

This short but over-the-top video should compel anyone to buy this book, in print or in ebook. Order ten for family members. Order a hundred to give out at church–when you can finally go back to church. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Jihad could be coming to your town next. They’re here already! You’re next!.


Cracks in the Quarantine

Two weekends ago the weather was particularly lovely and, while I was out for a Sunday stroll in my neighborhood,  what I had already been sensing over the previous weeks became crystal clear: Many Parisians were not abiding by the draconian rules of quarantine that had been laid down in March,


Introducing Jeremy Chiaroscuro by MacMillan Ross


Jeremy Chiaroscuro is one of the most important men in American politics.  Not that he is a politician.  Jeremy wants to be a puppet master and not one of the puppets whose only qualification is an insipid face and a case of hairspray.  Like his one-time rival Carl Rogue, he was a protégé of the legendary Grant Blackpool, who until his premature death pioneered the science of hardball politicking.



One of the advantages of any “crisis,” (real or manufactured, grave or embellished) is that we get to observe how it is handled by various people and institutions. As Covid Craziness continues to engulf our society while our fearless leaders attack it one press conference at a time, Christians should examine how the Church is responding.


Burial of the Dead

Although we moderns look at questions of inheritance largely in economic terms, Jews, Greeks, and Romans were also interested in the continuity of the bloodline and in the carrying out of ritual obligations, particularly to the dead testator and his ancestors.