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The Honest Journalist, Part One (of Two)

Mankind does not need to be taught to lie: Adam told his first lie in the Garden, but it is disconcerting to realize that the talk radio listeners, in modeling themselves on Mark Levin and Shawn Hannity, have learned to be as one-dimensional and misinformed as their heroes.  I suppose, in defense of the American people, we should concede that the best people do not listen to talk radio or read the newspapers. 


And Now For Something Really Different

You could always turn on the radio and listen to the racist misogynist pornographic Rap, which rhymes with…, celebrated by the American Left that owns the media, or you might take a step back in time to the not so distant wicked past when men actually flirted with women, before “rape on the first date” became the rule.


Stop (talking about) Brexit

I’m often told that people “didn’t know what they voted for,” or were “stupid,” or are, “as everyone knows, racist.” Fascinatingly, as far as I know, stupid people, racist people, and even people who are lied to get equal votes in a democracy.


Choose Right Over Kind

Finding an appropriate selection for “Family Movie Night” can be a vexing experience for the Christian household these days. Not only must one sift through the filth that comprises most of pop culture, but I find that even some movies I recall fondly from years past have moments that I would rather not share with my eight-year-old daughter.