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Bezos WaPo Robots Blast Record Fake News at Trump on ObamaCage Crisis

Even though the Trump Boom made him the richest man in the history of the galaxy, Jeff Bezos’ blog, a/k/a the Washington Post, screeched a record amount of Fake News Wednesday on what I’m calling the ObamaCage Crisis. The name comes from Trump inheriting the children in the ObamaCage crisis from Obama. Below I list the 23 stories on the crisis, or related to it, on WaPo’s Internet Front Page as of about 7:10 pm Pacific Time, June 20, 2018. I’ve provided the links to click for readers seeking extra amusement. The links are to the original stories, except for...


Poems of the Week: Henry Timrod

These poems of Henry Timrod, the finest poet of the War Between the States, are posted courtesy of Vince Cornell: Serenade Hide, happy damask, from the stars, What sleep enfolds behind your veil, But open to the fairy cars On which the dreams of midnight sail; And let the zephyrs rise and fall About her in the curtained gloom, And then return to tell me all The silken secrets of the room. Ah, dearest! may the elves that sway Thy fancies come from emerald plots, Where they have dozed and dreamed all day In hearts of blue forget-me-nots. And one...


Surviving the Sterility of Ideological Times by George Bagby

Solzhenitsyn endorses the agrarian, patriarchal, and authoritarian institutions of Russia’s past as good examples. These institutions, he says, “preserved moral health […] incomparably higher than that expressed today in simian radio music, pop songs and insulting advertisements: could a listener from outer space imagine that our planet had already known and left behind it Bach, Rembrandt and Dante?”


Trump Loses Again

I never liked Robert de Niro as an actor–it’s all just mugging for the camera.  I’d rather watch Jerry Lewis.  But you gotta admit he’s right on Trump.  I mean there is nothing too low for this charlatan, including sucking up to the world’s meanest dictator.  And for what?  Getting a declaration that the funny little fat guy is going to denuclearize Korea.  Who cares.  Bring it on.  Now, Obama, there was a real negotiator.  He knew how to give billions of dollars of paybacks and benefits to Iran and Korea, and so far we haven’t had a war.  If...


Humpty Dumpty on Democracy

In the early years of the new millennium I wrote a series of short columns on the political and ethical distortions of language.  This bit of fluff, trifling as it is, should be enough to debunk the nonsense of democracy The People, No! Nobody can define democracy–probably nobody wants to–and if any honest man succeeded in defining it, the liars (always in the vast majority of mankind) would stone him to death for his pains.  Democracy means, literally, rule by the people or rather, As Roger Scruton puts it (in his very useful Dictionary of Political Thought), “by the people...


Wednesday’s Child: Crying Wolfe

If one were to cut open, the way one saws through a tree trunk, the literary career of Tom Wolfe, in the circles revealed therein one could read the entire history – or, more to the point, the whole tragedy – of what happened to the press in America in the twentieth century.  As the writer passed away last month, I want to say a couple of things about him which the gentle reader is unlikely to find in the numerous obituaries. In 1966, after a lengthy struggle, New York’s Herald Tribune – by then the only remaining highbrow competitor...