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The Wall at the World’s End

Donald Trump has still not been able to build his wall to keep America safe from Central American kitchen workers who got to the bathroom and don’t wash their hands before returning to work.  But if neighboring aliens are still pouring in to the USSA, news has come of a formidable deterrent to the other kind of alien–things from outer space. The New Horizons spacecraft, cruising somewhere in the neighborhood of Pluto, has detected what could be a hydrogen wall.  Score a big one for Donald! We all know how fond the Democrats are of aliens, but not everyone is...


Poems of the Week

Spanish is the lovin’ tongue,
Soft as music, light as spray.
‘Twas a girl I learnt it from,
Livin’ down Sonora way.


Herodotus Book I, concluded

Herodotus devoted much of the first book to the Persians, their conquest of Lydia, and their subjugation of the Greek cities on the coast of Asia Minor and the offshore islands.  He spends a great deal of time on the Ionian Revolt, provoked by Persian expansion, because it is both the predecessor and a major cause of the first Persian War with the mainland Greek cities.  The early Greeks, who were not unified either in dialect or ethnicity, were divided into distinct ethnic and dialect groups:  The Ionians, who were predominant in Asia Minor, the Aegean islands, the great island...


Born Out of Due Time, The Think Tank Murders, by Ched P. Rayson, Chapter Four

My plan was to find a way of combating the hate images that Americans are subjected to by schooling and the media.  During the French Revolution, ordinary people—tailors and shopkeepers—turned into wild beasts, torturing, raping, murdering people they had never met, simply because the revolutionaries had succeeded in demonizing the aristocrats.  That is more or less where we are today.


Born Out of Due Time: The Think Tank Murders, Chapter Two

“Whatever.  It’s pretty clear, though, he looks on most of his board members as a classroom of adolescents who are constantly making the mistake of thinking they can outsmart their teacher.  Even his friends are sometimes irritated by his attitude, at least a little, and one or two board members are getting hostile.  They all say he is a great man, but their respect comes close to resentment.  I don’t think they quite know how to dump him, but when they figure out how to do it—and make some money at the same time—they’ll do it. “


Herodotus Book I, Continued: Democracy and Tyranny

By Herodotus’ time, tyranny had developed a bad name, and he his descriptions of their behavior constitutes a pragmatic manual to set beside Machiavelli’s The Prince.  Tyrants champion the poor and the weak particularly women and foreigners; they are lustful and prone to adultery and eccentricity—Periander was accused of having relations with his dead wife.  They maintain power by disarming the citizenry and oppressing anyone who is distinguished for birth, talent, virtue, or wealth.  I know, it sounds exactly like the Democratic Party today.


Born Out of Due Time: The Think Tank Murders, Chapter One (Revised)

The events of last night’s dream were coming back to him slowly.  He opened his eyes and looked around the room, at the window almost occluded by an unkempt lilac bush, the austere chest of drawers that held his folding clothes, the small writing table with a reading light still shining on a white legal pad on which he sometimes scribbled notes during the night.  He was still here, stranded in this place and time.  There was nothing to be depressed about.  You could not always choose the millennium you lived in, though the thought had crossed his mind.