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Sweatshops of the Mind: The Rise of Bureaucracy

Community control of schools run by dedicated teachers who looked after each child individually runs counter to the modern assumption that every human endeavor can be turned into a science.  Every real “science” requires a theoretical framework, hence the need in educationism for theories of cognitive development and child psychology.   Even the acts of learning and teaching must be analyzed, broken down into their components, tested, measured, and graphed with all sorts of coefficients and Greek letters that really mean very little more than up and down, more and less.   In the years when I was reading grant proposals...


The Wilsonian Empire

The empire of our good friend Clyde Wilson is spreading.  Not only does it encompass Shotwell Publishing but it now includes Reckonin, a Southern political website developed by his daughter, which just put up a revised and expanded version of  my off-the-cuff piece, “What is To Be Done?”


The New God of AltRight

Why would a kid attracted to AltRight fall for Jim Morrison, Freud, and Nietzsche?  Why wouldn’t he?  Morrison is simply a latter-day Peter Pan on acid, the perfect model for displaced white kids who don’t know who or what they are


The Wall at the World’s End

Donald Trump has still not been able to build his wall to keep America safe from Central American kitchen workers who got to the bathroom and don’t wash their hands before returning to work.  But if neighboring aliens are still pouring in to the USSA, news has come of a formidable deterrent to the other kind of alien–things from outer space. The New Horizons spacecraft, cruising somewhere in the neighborhood of Pluto, has detected what could be a hydrogen wall.  Score a big one for Donald! We all know how fond the Democrats are of aliens, but not everyone is...


Poems of the Week

Spanish is the lovin’ tongue,
Soft as music, light as spray.
‘Twas a girl I learnt it from,
Livin’ down Sonora way.