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Religio Philologi: The Gentile Church, B:

Ignatius warned against one of the perennial temptations—to impose Jewish customs on the Church: “It is absurd to profess Christ Jesus, and to Judaize.  For Christianity did not embrace Judaism, but Judaism Christianity, that so every tongue which believeth might be gathered together to God.” [Magnesians 10] Ignatius also warned against the poison of heretics who denied the reality of Christ’s passion. [Trallians 11]


Roger McGrath on The Ace of Aces: Richard Bong

By the time he went on leave during the late fall of 1943, Bong had 21 aerial victories and was wearing captain’s bars.  Back in Wisconsin, at a Superior State Teachers College homecoming, he met the girl of his dreams, Marge Vattendahl.  When he returned to New Guinea in January 1944, he had his ground crew decorate the nose of his P-38 with a large photograph of Marge.  It was the last thing seen by many a Japanese pilot.   By early April he had added four mo


One Flesh in Law. POB II, Chapter 4: Husbands and Wives, B

In the Anglo-American tradition of Common Law, the status of wives was defined by the principle of coverture, which meant that the wife’s legal identity was merged with that of her husband.   When Hamlet is taken to task for addressing his stepfather as “mother,” he replies: “Father and mother is man and wife, man and wife is one flesh, and so, my mother.”  As Blackstone observes: “By marriage, the husband and wife are one person in law…the very legal being or legal existence of the woman is suspended during marriage, or at least is incorporated or consolidated.” 


Alexandria’s Existential Threat

If you want to see the state of the typical graduate of today’s K-12 schools and universities, consider Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, soon to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. She told a town hall in Queens, “So, when we talk about existential threats – the last time we had a really major existential threat to this country was around World War II. And so we’ve been here before, and we have a blueprint of doing this before.


Religio Philologi, The Gentile Church, A

Building The Gentile Church The early Church faced many grave crises and challenges, many of which can be summed up in one question: What kind of Church was it to be?    This question was first posed as a set of alternatives:  Was it  to be a Judeo-Christian Church limited to Jews, including Gentile converts to Judaism, or a Christian Church liberated from most of the peculiarities of Jewish law and custom?  But a second part of this question was whether this Church was to be a sect alienated from everyday life, like the Essenes, or an institution that existed in...


Trump Agonistes (Free to all)

The Swamp has not been drained.  It is a massive and daunting job that is still to be done.  The appointment of a couple of preppie Bush Republicans to the Supreme Court means little.  That trick has been played so many times it is laughable.  The misbehavior and radicalisation  of the Left in recent months has led to predictions of increased Republican power after the November 2018 elections.  Perhaps; but this will  mean  nothing  unless the right kind of Republicans are elected. 


Trump and the Invasion

This is the basic fact of American life that conservatives refuse to understand.  The American ruling elite and the poor chumps who emulate them hate everything this country ever was.  For 40 years high school history teachers have regaled their classes with attacks on white men who enslaved negroes, oppressed women, massacred Indians, and insulted Jews.


More Poems: Shelley in Pisa

The sun is set; the swallows are asleep;
The bats are flitting fast in the gray air;
The slow soft toads out of damp corners creep,
And evening’s breath, wandering here and there
Over the quivering surface of the stream,
Wakes not one ripple from its summer dream.


Religio Philologi: The Creation of the Church, Part I

According to a later Christian tradition, when Tiberius heard of this strange Jewish renegade who alone did not want to kick the Romans out of Judaea, he proposed to the senate that Christ be included in the pantheon of Roman gods.  The Senate, so the story goes, objected, declaring the new religion to be illicit, though Judaism was protected by law.