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Homer Against the Iconoclasts

This is the opening lecture of the Fleming Foundation’s 2020 Seminar on Homer–held in the teeth of a government shutdown on the freedoms of speech and assembly and of the political correctness being imposed by mob rule and insurrection. Thomas Fleming provides an overview of the Greek reverence for religious and national symbols and contrasts the piety and respectfulness of the ancient Greeks with the irrational and hate-inspired vandalism of contemporary America.

This lecture is offered gratis to subscribers. All the lectures will be on sale in a short time.

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Unmasking Lincoln, Part I

The modern American regime under which we live has only a few heroes, most of them entirely bogus: a pair of womanizing presidents–Franklin Roosevelt and Jack Kennedy–a philandering plagiarist who betrayed his country, Martin Luther King, jr.,  and the second founder of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

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Poem: “Adam’s Curse” by William Butler Yeats

We sat together at one summer’s end,
That beautiful mild woman, your close friend,   
And you and I, and talked of poetry.

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What Is Paleoconservatism? Part One: The Beginnings

What is paleoconservatism?  I should have put the question in the past tense, but, in deference to the true believers who collect hula hoops, and 8-track tape players, we can pretend there is still some sort of active movement going by that name. Like many political labels—Whig and Tory, Rebel and Yankee—the word “paleoconservative” would seem to be an insult. 

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Poems: Arthur Hugh Clough

To spend uncounted years of pain,
Again, again, and yet again,
In working out in heart and brain
The problem of our being here;

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President Bernie?

Here’s something weird about Bernie Sanders’ campaign: If he pulled our troops home from abroad and canceled dumb military projects like the F-35 – called the $1.4 Trillion National Disaster – he would have plenty of money for his other projects: covering all those without medical insurance, free college for everybody and jobs training for anyone. There would be no need for imposing new taxes on “the wealthy.”

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Two Oinks for Democracy, Part I of II

Over the years, much of our critique of American imperialism was made on the level of principle: Preemptive wars, inherently wrong in themselves, would eventually justify the militarization of American life and the final destruction of our constitutional order.  Reconstruction abroad, we argued, would inevitably justify reconstruction at home. 

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Ilhan and the New Face of America

CSPAN coverage of the House of Representatives may soon replace Comedy Central.  Within a short 24 hour period, House Democrats proposed giving the vote to illegal aliens and refused to condemn outrageous statements made by Somali Muslim Ilhan Omar.  Born in Mogadishu, where she spent her early years, Omar and her family were granted refugee status by an American government whose kindness exceeded its wisdom.   Omar was brought up in the most ridiculous state of the American Union—Minnesota—where she eventually became a policy fellow at the Hubert Humphrey School of extraterrestrial Marxism, “community nutrition educator” at the state’s parody-university,...

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Generations of Impotence, Part II “Stone Cold Dead in the WWF Market”

Big John Canaday may not have had brains, but with or without a gun he had grit, and to this day I do not know why he befriended me, much less why he picked the least athletic person he knew to take Coach Butts out to dinner.  It may have been something as simple as the fact that my father owned a sports team, or–as I should prefer to think–that he knew I was at ease with grown-up men. Another bar (The Keg) in Charleston was owned by a Jewish prize-fighter who did not want kids in what was more...

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Fake News All Around on Trump, Cohen, Kim Summit

Pat Buchanan say America isn’t a serious nation because its major media ignore matters of global war and peace for the tit-for-tat with President Trump. This screenshot confirms Pat. It’s CNN’s entire front page on my computer on the afternoon of February 27: The Bezos Post, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times ran similar front pages. The real story should have been Trump’s summit with Kim in Hanoi. But the fake news media won’t let Trump have even one good story, but instead obsess over the ludicrous “testimony” by a convicted perjurer before a Democratic committee in...

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