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Poems by Douglas Young

Douglas Young was a classical scholar, poet, historian, and Scottish nationalist. He died in 1973 after unwisely taking up running for his health.

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The first volume of Properties of Blood has been ready to go for some time, but I have failed to find a designer for the covers.  It should be an easy task, since I want something even simpler than the cover of The Morality of Everyday Life, but I am completely at sea.  I used to have people working for me who could deal with these things or a contract with a regular publisher.  I am out of my element and would appreciate any recommendations or assistance,

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The Ukraine Delusion

Jonathan Swift famously denied that man was a rational animal and insisted that he was only capax rationis, capable of exercising reason but rarely taking the trouble to do so.  What else an explain the repeated outbreaks of folly and delusion that have marked our history?

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Art For What’s Sake, IX: Special Effects

“This is all very well, if you are inclined to saints and mystics, but I thought we are trying to answer the simple question: Are movies art?

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Did Tucker Carlson Stop War With Russia?

With Rush Limbaugh dead and Donald Trump sidelines, Tucker Carlson has risen to become the preeminent conservative figure in America.

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Art for What’s Sake, VII: The Pornography of Violence

I brought up movies only because many of my favorites have a fair amount of violence in them, and you seem to be lumping violence with pornography. 

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Poem: Semonides on Women

This translation of a early Greek iambic poem has been put up as a text to accompany the podcast on canceling the classics.

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Cancelled Classics

    A commentary on the danger posed by the classics to immaturity and conformity.

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Wednesday’s Child: Such are the Joys

With apologies to George Orwell, whose memoir my title evokes, in this post I propose to begin uncovering some hidden strings of human character which, not to put too fine a point on it, make the music of happiness

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Who’s Sorry Now?

The American ruling class and its frontmen in the media are indulging in one of their periodic orgies of anxiety.  How can a known terrorist have been allowed to enter the United States, make his way to Texas, and terrorize a synagogue? 

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