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ISIS Punks and USA Vandals

When the Islamic State blows up the Temple of Bel in Palmyra, the UNESCO (the cultural arm of the United Nations) condemns the act as a war crime.  UNESCO’s director-general declared that in destroying ancient monuments, IS was “seeking to deprive the Syrian people of its knowledge, its identity and history.” In America, when political activists and legislators call for the removal of Confederate flags and symbols from public places, the destruction of Confederate monuments, and the desecration of the graves of Confederate officers, we do not hear a peep out of UNESCO.  Indeed, the entire world of right-thinking men...


From Under the Rubble: South Carolina Secedes From History by Thomas Fleming

South Carolina Secedes From History by Thomas Fleming Now that South Carolina legislators have voted to take down the Confederate flag from the state capitol, what is the next move in the war against all things Southern, American, and Christian?  One might think that the Stars and Stripes are  the most likely target.  After all, as Minister Farrakhan has already argued, the US flag flew over the segregated South for a century, and and for almost a century it was the flag of a nation that permitted slavery. Nonetheless,  Old Inglorious has got many years ahead before the hate-fillled children...


From Under the Rubble: Put Out More Flags by Thomas Fleming

From Under the Rubble Put Out More Flags by Thomas Fleming The only good thing to come out of the controversy over the flag is that I cannot turn on radio or television, much less look at Google News.  It’s not so much that the chant of “Take it Down, Take it Down!” is particularly offensive.  Viewed from the right perspective, it is almost amusing.  Imagine a happily married man dragged to a strip show.  He is not interested in the homely painted hussies, but, if he is cruel enough, the spectacle of his buddies shouting “Take it off, Take...