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Uncritical Racism and the Queen

Many otherwise good people are upset with the remarks made by a tech school prof who said she hoped Queen Elizabeth died a slow and painful death. Evil, stupid, ignorant are some of the epithets I have heard applied to the prof in question, but would anyone not evil, stupid, and ignorant be interested in teaching uncritical racism, an ideology designed to stir up hatred and violence among all racial groups. And, what kind of a school, once famous for engineering, would inflict such a course on would be engineers and architects? Obviously, not a school anyone in his right...


Boris and Brexit

I was in the Metro.  I looked down at the newspaper the man on my left was reading.  It featured three characters.  One, a Boris Johnson jumping up and screaming “F*#% Europe!”  To his right a flustered and disturbed David Cameron wheels around, saying, “Trump?”  To his right a French footman bows and says, in French, “No, it’s the Mayor of London…” Later that same day I was writing in a cafe and four tables over I heard snippets of a conversation in French in which the words “Boris” and “Brexit” featured prominently. It was the day after Boris had delivered...