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Trump and the Gentlemen of the Press

The campaign season has hardly begun, but the press is already prowling the world looking for Republicans to destroy.  Their first intended victim is Donald Trump, whose first mortal sin  was a casual allusion to the number of illegal aliens who have rewarded America’s careless generosity by committing major felonies against its citizens.  He went on to impugn the valor of John McCain, and, most recently, to lash back at Megyn Kelly for her malicious and unprofessional style at the first GOP debate. Trump’s allegations are either true or false, and it should be the job of the press to...


From Under the Rubble: South Carolina Secedes From History by Thomas Fleming

South Carolina Secedes From History by Thomas Fleming Now that South Carolina legislators have voted to take down the Confederate flag from the state capitol, what is the next move in the war against all things Southern, American, and Christian?  One might think that the Stars and Stripes are  the most likely target.  After all, as Minister Farrakhan has already argued, the US flag flew over the segregated South for a century, and and for almost a century it was the flag of a nation that permitted slavery. Nonetheless,  Old Inglorious has got many years ahead before the hate-fillled children...


A False Flag Operation by Robert Peters

I asked Robert Peters to share his thoughts on the renewed demand to take down the Battle Flag in South Carolina.   This is his response.  TJF A False Flag Operation by Robert Peters Since the advent of abolitionism we have been plagued by a false narrative about the South and things Southern.  This narrative has ebbed and flowed throughout American history from its advent to the present.  Since the late 1960’s there has been a resurgence of the narrative, with its now being at high tide and raging.  Within that narrative, particularly since the late 1980’s, the Confederate Battle Flag or...