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Please Donate

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You would not be reading this if you did not have some idea that the Fleming Foundation is one of the last voices crying in the wilderness of postmodern America, but you may be wondering why we are asking for donations. If you are a paying subscriber, you are already spending more on The Fleming Foundation than you do for most of the websites you visit regularly. The simple answer is that donations basically cover the cost of managing the website, paying the necessary fees, and handing out small stipends to a few writers and assistants.

“What about salaries for the founder and his associate?” Apart from reimbursement for some expenses, they receive nothing.

We are trying to expand in several directions. With a little help, we are revising and expanding the Autodidact section and cross referencing entries and podcasts with the reading list. This is a very time-consuming operation. We have put out a few small publications and intend to do a series of collections of essays on related subjects. With any luck, we’ll be putting out volume one of Properties of Blood in a short time, and we hope to be able not only to continue to put on our Summer Seminars but to add other programs both in the United States in Europe.

Up till now, we have been operating on the shoestring generously provided by subscribers and with a huge amount of volunteer labor. Without more income, we really cannot do much more.

One very urgent need is the hiring of a part-time bookkeeper to put our accounts in order and finish our long-deferred non-profit application. Yes, I know, we should have done this years ago, but it has been decades since I handled such matters myself and no one else has the time.