Author: Thomas Fleming


The Seven: Some Possibly Relevant Background

The period of the Persian Wars and the aftermath were a period of intense political activity at Athens. In one generation, Athenians had expelled the tyrants, completely reorganized their commonwealth, and beaten back two Persian invasions. Such success was bound to inspire confidence in the Athenian commonwealth, a confidence that would lead first to to the  hybris of the Athenian Empire and then to the ruin Athens suffered in the war with Sparta and her allies.


Eteocles and the Women

In their terror, the maidens imagine all the horrors of a city taken by storm, and while the audience would have sympathized with their agitation, Eteocles is right to crack down, but his reaction is extreme, calling them immediately “unendurable” before declaring that neither in good times nor bad would he share a house with womankind.

A Crying Need for Casuistry

A young man in social media has posted a complaint, which has been going around.  His girl friend wanted to go out with her female friends to visit a place the man thought unsafe and unsuitable.  He made her promise not to go, and the next day he learned she had gone, with the predictable result of rape and battery. How should the boyfriend respond?


The Other Jefferson

A FB friend posted a good quotation from Jefferson about the importance of the family. Since this aroused some mild skepticism, I posted this answer,  one that has been strongly influenced by my reading of Jefferson’s own words, the biography by Dumas Malone, and, above all, by the admonitions of my friend Prof. Clyde Wilson.  It is a trivial observation and overstated, but perhaps it will help parents of children who are being taught the old Classical Liberal bilge. One way of looking at our third President is to see him as a split personality. There is the typical Enlightened...


Poetry: R.L. Stevenson

Home no more home to me, whither must I wander?
Hunger my driver, I go where I must.
Cold blows the winter wind over hill and heather:
Thick drives the rain and my roof is in the dust.