Author: Thomas Fleming


UnMasking Lincoln, Part Two: Warfare From Hell

The greatest fact of Lincoln’s career is the war he imposed upon the nation, a conflict that changed the nature of war in the civilized world.  As one of Lincoln’s favorite generals observed, “war is hell,”  and it has been hell at least since General Sherman gave us the example of total war.


Unmasking Lincoln, Part I

The modern American regime under which we live has only a few heroes, most of them entirely bogus: a pair of womanizing presidents–Franklin Roosevelt and Jack Kennedy–a philandering plagiarist who betrayed his country, Martin Luther King, jr.,  and the second founder of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.


I Dreamed I Saw Paree Last Night…

The other night I had a long and tortuous Corona-inspired dream. I had finally managed to get out of Illinois and the good old USA. I was in Paris at some kind of event or function I had helped organize, but it was in a strange part of Paris that looked more like Chicago or Minneapolis. It was one of those boring “procedural” dreams where you find yourself in the wrong room and cannot seem to locate the correct floor, and when you do, your number is nowhere to be found. Miraculously, I got everything straightened out, and it was...


1000 Years of Jihad

This short but over-the-top video should compel anyone to buy this book, in print or in ebook. Order ten for family members. Order a hundred to give out at church–when you can finally go back to church. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Jihad could be coming to your town next. They’re here already! You’re next!.


A Brief Outline of the Revolution

In its early phases, this revolution, under the guise of a restoration of classical learning and civilization, became known as the Renaissance, and, as it gathered steam and changed direction, new names were applied, such as Enlightenment and Modernism