Author: Thomas Fleming


Other People, An Essay

“L’enfers c’est l’autre.”  Whatever Sartre meant by “Hell is other people,” he was certainly right about the people he liked to refer to as “salaud”—the scum who think only of their own interests and reduce the universe to their own dimensions, in other words, people like Sartre and his friends.


Book of the Week: Bite of the Bulldog

And now for something completely different! Since Polish novelists and ancient historians have proved to be too daunting or time-consuming for most readers, I am taking a different tack and devoting a few days to Bite of the Bulldog (initially titled simply Bulldog Drummond), a short thriller in which the reader meets one of the great pop fiction heroes of the last century, Bulldog Drummond.



A few weeks ago, our pastor informed us that the Bishop, who over a year ago had freed Catholics from their Sunday obligation, had pushed the on button and informed us that it was now a grave sin to fail to do what we did not have to do a week earlier.  What gives?


From Abraham to Napoleon: Conclusion

The empire of the Babylonians was not fated to last, and Cyrus the Persian, after entering the city in triumph in 539, promulgated an edict authorizing the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.  It has been conjectured that the Persians were rewarding Babylonian Jews for their covert assistance in the defeat of Nabonidus, the last Babylonian king, but, there is no need to posit such a special relationship.


Junk Flick Nation

None of the Indiana Jones movies was anything but a waste of time. Harrison Ford cannot act, the writers and directors were, if not hopelessly incompetent, then entirely cynical in their willingness to profit from the degradation of the American people. The first one was not only anti-German but anti-Christian. Watching movies made by people who hate and despise you makes you in the end despicable.