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The Government We Deserve: Postscript

If we can trust a recent Rasmussen poll, nearly half the eligible voters in the United States believe the republic established by the mythical founding fathers has crumbled.  Predictably, Republicans are more inclined to this gloomy opinion than Democrats, and perhaps surprisingly, women more than men.


The Government We Deserve, Conclusion (at last!)

Suppose, per impossibile, we were to carry out an even more thoroughgoing plan of reform.  You can fill in any impossible details and requirements that suits your fancy.  Even if we were to gain the whole  world, we would still be left with a population of some 300 million clueless lost souls, without any skill or knowledge that is not technical, with churches that are the enemy of Christ, with a commercial culture that is more morally degrading than heroin and methamphetamines.


Uncritical Racism and the Queen

Many otherwise good people are upset with the remarks made by a tech school prof who said she hoped Queen Elizabeth died a slow and painful death. Evil, stupid, ignorant are some of the epithets I have heard applied to the prof in question, but would anyone not evil, stupid, and ignorant be interested in teaching uncritical racism, an ideology designed to stir up hatred and violence among all racial groups. And, what kind of a school, once famous for engineering, would inflict such a course on would be engineers and architects? Obviously, not a school anyone in his right...


The Autodidact on Aristotle

The one figure who defines modern thought is Aristotle, not of course because modern thinkers have followed him, but because since Galileo and Descartes and Bacon, scientists and philosophers have defined themselves by their opposition to Aristotle