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Wednesday’s Child: Call Signs

Celeste Dell’Anna, interior designer of genius and my friend of thirty years, is coming to visit us today from Milan, where he lives. I haven’t seen him for a long time and obviously I want to make a good impression, despite the fact that such will be made anyway by the airs and graces that young Vasily puts on when meeting strangers. But a taxi needs to be dispatched to the airport to fetch him when he lands and, in Shakespeare’s immortal words, thereby hangs a tale.


Rereading Homer’s Iliad, Book II

This replaces an earlier version that was prematurely posted. Book II is today virtually everyone’s least favorite part of the Iliad.  Much of the book is taken up by a somewhat tedious list of the ships and contingents sent by various Greek cities and peoples.  Some students and teachers even manage go avoid reading it.  This is a grave mistake, not only because it is not only a pivotal book, which determines the organization of the entire work, but it is among the parts most quoted in antiquity.



Our good friend Clyde Wilson and his colleagues at Shotwell Publishing continue to produce noteworthy contributions to the Southern cause.  Recently, we received three books that illustrate the breadth of their efforts:


Rereading the Iliad, I A, B, C (updated 05/19)

In fact, we do have a lot to learn about ourselves from studying Homeric man.  Homer’s heroes are extraordinary men, but they are not the etherial saints of ethical philosophers since Kant.   ”To know the will as an ethical factor” is a gift reserved for few mortal men in any era, but ordinary people, even when they do not possess these abstract concepts, are capable of sitting on juries and pronouncing on questions of guilt and innocence. 

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