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Wednesday’s Child: Paris Paranormal

I had known Pierre only slightly, and my wife still less, as the acquaintance largely predated her arrival in my life, but it was Pierre on whom the story she told at dinner pivoted.   As the guests had been challenged to recount the “oddest” of their experiences, I debuted with the bizarre personal episode posted here last week.  And Olga, likewise dredging her memory, came out with the tale of Pierre.


Swamp Things

When a scandal like that over Hunter Biden’s laptop surfaces, Americans get a little glimpse of how things really work in Washington, D.C. The Swamp Creatures – whom I have called the Rancid Ruling Elite – are utterly corrupt and just in it for the power and the money. For decades they have run the country into the ground while profiting handsomely.


Wednesday’s Child: A Lost Bet

The other night, at a dinner party, our host asked the guests to recount the oddest experience they had ever had, and I told the story of how I obtained my residence permit.  It was a document I did not need because, as a British subject and hence an EC national, I was as legally entitled to live here as any Italian citizen. 


BLM Podcast #3: Lying About Lives

If black lives really matter to the BLM movement, what about the lives of the innocent? Since Roe v Wade black babies are five times more likely to be killed in utero than white babies. Is this a concern to BLM movement, and black victims of violent crime are most frequently preyed upon by the very people championed by BLM.


Wednesday’s Child: Cuckoo Culture

It’s a curious paradox that in the West, with its cultural affinity for individualism, weapons are usually anonymous. Who can name the designer of the F-22 or the inventor of the M-16?  The collectivist Russians, by contrast, name their arms after their authors, and even when a fighter plane built for Stalin happens to be the brainchild of an Armenian (Mikoyan) and a Jew (Gurevich), it still bears the name MiG.


The October Surprises Begin

The first October Surprise to rig the election supposedly was Reagan’s people in 1980 getting the Ayatollah to postpone releasing the American hostages until Carter was out of office. Liberals still push that meme. But I remember that election well and it was clear Reagan would beat the pathetic Carter, who had stuck us with 20% interest rates, a “malaise” economy and weakness before not only the Ayatollah, but the Soviet Union. This year the first big surprise was the New York Times releasing what they claimed were figures from President Trump’s tax returns. It was an obvious ruse from...


The “Debate”

Trump blew it.  The President of the United States allowed himself to be called a “liar”  and a “clown,” an enormity that has not even been noticed.  And he failed to deal effectively with any of his opponent’s smooth lies.  For millions of shallow, naïve, clueless Americans, Biden appeared “Presidential” and  as Trump’s superior in character, knowledge, and constructiveness.