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Corona Corona Blues, Side A

Once upon a time there were Lennon and McCartney, and before them Rodgers and Hart, Gilbert and Sullivan, Rimsky and Korsakov (old joke), and now the inspired song-writing team of Fleming and Scott offer this their first recording…..


Wednesday’s Child: Sicilian Defense 4

The title of the present series of posts, as I’m confident the gentle reader realizes, refers to a popular chess opening whereby Black, who by the rules of the game is a move behind, essentially cedes to White control of the center, using its energies to build up a rival alternative until the timing may be right for a Sicilian Vespers.  The Sicilian’s motto, “lie low,” is writ large upon this strategy, and the knack of invisible resistance to domination by central government – whether Arab, Norman, or a myriad others leading up to the present day – is dormant...


Why the Economy Should Recover Fast from Coronavirus Panic

On the economics of the coronavirus panic, scholars and editorialists commonly have compared it to the Great Depression, World War II, the Great Recession of a decade ago or some other event, but…the best comparison is what is ironically called “The Great Depression of 1946,” because there was no Great Depression, or even a small recession. 

Quarantined in Paris 0

Quarantined in the City of Light

While Paris started the year in the midst of a transportation strike that the strikers by and large lost in the end, there was only a brief respite for the hospitality industry as the specter of the global panic pandemic landed in Europe and then worked its way west.