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From Under the Rubble, Episode 8: The Last Presidential Debate


Thomas Fleming and his former radio partner Paul Youngblood scrutinize the last presidential debate and the toxic nuclear fallout in the media. If you’re new to the Foundation and our work, please register as a free user and get access to some of our content. Show Sponsor: Members Who Support Our Work Original Air Date: October 25, 2016 Show Run Time: 38 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Paul Youngblood Podcast Player – Click the Cloud to Download Episode   From Under the Rubble℗ is a Production of the Fleming Foundation. Copyright 2016. All Rights are Reserved.


Properties of Blood I.10: Demands of Blood, Part B

When Bad Things Happen to Good People—and Vice Versa When Bad Things Happen to Good People is the title of a 1980’s bestseller by Harold S. Kushner.  As a rabbi, Kushner had certainly studied the book of Job, but it has always seemed to me astounding that a cracker-barrel essayist would want to tackle a subject that had already been treated by the authors of Job, the Odyssey, and the writers of Greek tragedies, to say nothing of St. Gregory the Great in his Magna Moralia, a commentary on Job.  When the book came out, I used to joke with...


Truth-slinging Through the 2016 Campaign

When someone attacked “mud-slinging” in political campaigns, Mike Royko replied, “Well,  you can call it mud-slinging. But to me, all the rotten stuff they say about each other sounds true, so I call it truth-slinging.” He wrote that in 1992, during the first Clinton national campaign. That obviously has happened in this election which, I dearly hope, is the last one ever conducted by a Clinton. This time, while we really haven’t learned anything new about Donald Trump and Hillary Gorgon, what we have known has been emphasized with a thousand exclamation points. Donald Trump has been shown to be...


The Best Revenge, Episode 5: Spaghetti All’ Amatriciana


Dr. Fleming and Chef Garret discuss this Italian classic and how it can be adapted to American ingredients. Please send in questions and reports of the results when you try your hand. Original Air Date: October 22, 2016 Show Run Time: 43 minutes Show Guest(s): Chef Garret Fleming Show Host(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming   The Best Revenge℗ is a Production of the Fleming Foundation. Copyright 2016. All rights are reserved and any duplication without explicit written permission is forbidden.


Properties of Blood Volume I, the Tenth and Final Chapter 10: The Demands of Blood, Part A

Now every man to aid his clan Must plot and plan as best he can. One week after leaving the scene of the accident (on July 18, 1969) in which his secretary had drowned in shallow water, Senator Edward Kennedy addressed the people of his state: “I have requested this opportunity to talk to the people of Massachusetts about the tragedy which happened last Friday evening. This morning I entered a plea of guilty to the charge of leaving the scene of an accident.  Prior to my appearance in court it would have been improper for me to comment on...


Wednesday’s Child:  Letter from Paris

Oh, how it made me wish that our late friend Curtis Cate were still here, living in the Rue des Saints-Pères and gesticulating awkwardly when lamenting this or that Soviet ploy.  I went into a tobacconist’s under the windows of his old apartment and asked the lady at the counter if she remembered Monsieur Cate, the American writer.  She said she did, supplying me with a sour smile, a packet of unfiltered Gitanes, and an English newspaper. The news was that Putin had cancelled his visit to Paris, where the new Russian “Spiritual and Cultural Center” – an almost unimaginably...


One Reason to Vote for Trump and 9 Not To…

Supposing that all the criticisms of Donald Trump are true–and there is at least a grain of truth in most of them–then what? Cons Starting at the bottom of the negatives, Donald Trump is 9  As rude as Hillary Clinton 8 As ignorant as Barack Obama. 7 He has the command of English typical of an NPR newsreader and 6  The social and political philosophy of a baboon in heat. 5  He love women the way a Japanese winner of a hotdog eating contest loves wieners and 4  Actually thinks he is a great man because he has gamed a crooked system...


Properties of Blood: Outline of Volumes I and II

Properties of Blood, Volume I:  Love and Hate Preface: Chapter One:  Exiled Children of Eve Chapter Two:  Love and Hate Chapter Three:  The Disappearing Individual Chapter Four: Friends Chapter Five:  Revenge Chapter Six:  Defending Honor Chapter Seven: Dueling for Honor Chapter Eight: Kith and Kin Chapter Nine:  Spouses and Heirs Chapter Ten:   Demands of Blood   Volume II:  Marriage and Children Chapter One:  Defining Marriage Chapter Three: Spouses, Rights and Duties Chapter Three:  The Rights of Parents Chapter Four:  The Duties of Children Chapter Five:  Matters of Life and Death [Several of these chapters will be in two parts]...


Properties of Blood I.7: Dueling for Honor, Part E (Finis!)

Having serious second thoughts about even including this chapter in the volume. I am bringing it to a rather hasty conclusion.  ******************************************************************************* Like other reformers, opponents of dueling had a simple-minded faith in their remedy:  Eliminate they evil cause, and the problem—in this case, violence—is eliminated.  They had not reckoned with human reality. (Reformers never do.)  If men seek property and status, they will continue to seek them, albeit by perverse means, in a communist state, and in unsettled times, where young men are used to fighting, a prohibition on formal dueling merely encourages (at least for the time being)...


American Devils

“But one or two generations of vice are essential now; monstrous, abject vice by which a man is transformed into a loathsome, cruel, egoistic reptile. That’s what we need! And what’s more, a little ‘fresh blood’ that we may get accustomed to it…. Though the Russian people use foul language, there’s nothing cynical about them so far.” That’s Peter Verkhovensky, the revolutionary in Dostoevsky’s great novel, “The Devils.” It was published in 1871-2 and, sure enough, the communist revolution followed in 1917, 45 years later, two generations. Sure sounds like America over the past 50 years, doesn’t it? Our two...