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Wednesday’s Child: A Chat with a Finance Inspector

Guardia di Finanza has made a lot of headlines over the last few years by ambushing unsuspecting citizens as they left fancy hotels like La Poste in Cortina d’Ampezzo and luxury shops like Prada in Palermo – as well as expensive restaurants, sports car dealers, cigar emporia, men’s tailors, furriers, jewelers, and so on, ordering hapless shoppers to disclose the source of funds that brought upon them the iniquity of spending


The Honest Journalist, Part One (of Two)

Mankind does not need to be taught to lie: Adam told his first lie in the Garden, but it is disconcerting to realize that the talk radio listeners, in modeling themselves on Mark Levin and Shawn Hannity, have learned to be as one-dimensional and misinformed as their heroes.  I suppose, in defense of the American people, we should concede that the best people do not listen to talk radio or read the newspapers. 


Bernie: Open the Borders All the Way, Baby

Give it to Bernie Sanders for pushing policies almost all top Democrats now advocate. He also did that in 2016, when Hillary stole the nomination from him.  Now it’s immigration. The Nation’s article put it well, from the Left’s perspective, with the subhead a summary: “Bernie’s Immigration Plan Is Good: The senator’s newly released plan—to halt deportations, abolish ICE, create a path to citizenship, and boost worker protections—marks a shift not only in Democratic policy but even from his own prior positions.” Just a couple years ago, Bernie still was an old worker-oriented Marxist, like a 1930s Wobblie. As the...


Wednesday’s Child: In Memoriam

A friend of mine died last week.  Maybe not a friend, more of an acquaintance, but so monumental were the man’s life and works that my desire to stand for a moment in his shadow is easily understood. These gradations of intimacy – close friend, friend, acquaintance, passing acquaintance, somebody whose book you’ve read, somebody with whom you once shared a seat in a train carriage – are actually quite tricky.  It comes down to knowing a person, but when does one really know someone?  Cases are a dime a dozen when fathers and sons, and even more commonly husbands...


And Now For Something Really Different

You could always turn on the radio and listen to the racist misogynist pornographic Rap, which rhymes with…, celebrated by the American Left that owns the media, or you might take a step back in time to the not so distant wicked past when men actually flirted with women, before “rape on the first date” became the rule.


Is Trump Negotiating with the Deep State?

A president in office can do only two main things; any more, and he divides his attention and gets nothing done, like Jimmy Carter, who corrected the grammar of the papers submitted to him. For example, Reagan revived the economy and stared down the Soviet Union in the Cold War Endgame. Trump’s two things are ending, or at least reducing, the foreign wars and expensive global empire; and getting control of our borders. The Deep State doesn’t want either.