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Wednesday’s Child: Hail Schism!

On the last day of August a momentous event took place, a historic meeting of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople with his Moscow counterpart.  Prompted by that encounter was yesterday’s convening of the Holy Synod, which will conclude its deliberations and publish its resolutions tomorrow.  A great new schism is in the offing, undoubtedly good news for all true Orthodox believers.


Life–Right or Duty? Part 2: From Under the Rubble: Episode 34


Original Air Date: October 9, 2018 Show Run Time: 18 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Rex Scott Continuation of Life–Right or Duty? Part 1 From Under the Rubble episodes are available to Gold subscribers and higher.   From Under the Rubble℗ is a Production of the Fleming Foundation. Copyright 2018. All Rights are Reserved.


Antifa and AltRight

These criminal rioters are playing from the same script, but it was not written by George Soros–though he may have bought the current rights to it–but by the revolutionaries in 1848 and, more particularly, by the Communist terrorists of the 1920’s, who tried took over Hungary and tried to take over Germany and Italy.  If you want to understand how Mussolini–a comparatively benevolent despot–and the far from benevolent Hitler–came to power,  all you need to know is that it was facilitated by Leftist terrorism.


Born Out of Due Time, by Ched P. Rayson, Chapter Ten

‘You would be amazed at how seriously some successful people take themselves, especially on subjects they have never taken the trouble to study.  A prominent surgeon or a wealthy industrialist will read a magazine article or see a television program on ancient Greece or the American Revolution and take the notion that not only do they actually know something, but they think the ideas they are parroting are really their own.”


A League of Our Own, Part Two (Conclusion)

There are only two alternatives for this continental empire that has never been a real nation: Either we find the means to decentralize decision-making and restore authority to the old institutions of family and town and county (and even state), or else we lapse into a multifaceted civil war of blacks against Hispanics against whites against blacks against Jews…


How to Read a Poem: Autodidact, Episode 2


In this episode of the Autodidact, Dr. Fleming takes on the often-requested question of how to read a poem. He examines a few lines from John Milton’s Paradise Lost through better-known lenses like rhyme and meter, but also lesser-known ones like anaclasis, elision, and assonance.


Kavanaugh Battle Is About Abortion

I wish the controversy over confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh had been about his court decisions on executive power, which I believe grant the chief executive too much authority. Instead, Democrats emphasized their prevailing issue, abortion. Of course, they say it’s about the unsubstantiated allegations against what he did when he was 17, or a bar fight in college. But if you listen to them, it’s really about abortion.