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FF Podcast, Special Edition Trump


On this special edition of the podcasts of the Fleming Foundation, our founder, Dr. Thomas Fleming, shares his impressions of the first Presidential Candidates’ Debate of the 2016 Election. If you’re new to the Foundation and our work, please register as a free user and get access to some of our content. Show Sponsor: Members Who Support Our Work Original Air Date: September 27, 2016 Show Run Time: 37 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner Podcast Player – Click the Cloud to Download Episode Also available on SoundCloud The Fleming Foundation Podcast℗ is a Production of...


The Best Revenge, Episode 4: Diets


In this episode of The Best Revenge, Dr. Fleming takes a look at the role of diets in our daily lives. What was the purpose of a diet traditionally and what is the essence of the fad diet that dominates our (American) lives these days? Where did it come from? Where is it going? How do we deal with our friends and neighbors besotted with these schemes and how can we “revenge” ourselves upon such a joyless practice? Original Air Date: September 27, 2016 Show Run Time: 43 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner   The...


POB I. 6: In Defense of Honor, Part E– Bullying

This chapter has got out of hand–up to over 90 pages of double-spaced text, and I am still working.  Therefore, I am dividing it into two parts:  Chapter 6: In Defense of Honor, and 7:  Dueling for Honor.  Attentive readers will note that I have renamed the chapters and sections as posted.   I have also decided to end the former chapter with a passage I was working on for the conclusion to the whole thing, namely, a rather informal meditation on bullying.  For continuity’s sake, I have included the final paragraph of the previous section. Bullying Athens had a...


Latin, Episode 5


In this episode of Latin, Dr. Fleming discusses the ablative case, as well as the 4th Declension. Please use these texts as necessary to follow along: Romanum imperium, quo neque ab exordio ullum fere minus neque incrementis toto orbe amplius humana potest memoria recordari, a Romulo exordium habet, qui Reae Silviae, Vestalis virginis, filius et, quantum putatus est, Martis cum Remo fratre uno partu editus est. Is cum inter pastores latrocinaretur, decem et octo annos natus urbem exiguam in Palatino monte constituit XI Kal. Maias, Olympaids sextae anno terto, post Troiaie excidium, ut qui plurimum minimumque tradunt, anno trecentesimo nonagesimo...


“We Out Like Taliban”

Indeed. Charlotte is burning.  Social media on Tuesday night were  lit up with messages of defiance:  “This ain’t no one day action, ” screamed one rioter, as others were venting their righteous outrage on a conveniently located Walmart.  Still others carried signs saying, “It’s a Book,” which will no doubt eclipse, for the time being, “Don’t Shoot”  and “I Can’t Breathe” as the battle cry of the underprivileged citizens who in pursuit of justice will loot any store, shoot any fireman, tell any lie, do anything but get jobs, support themselves, and lead law-abiding lives. Charlotte Police say that they...


Wednesday’s Child:  Oral Equivalence

Entertained or amused as I was by readers’ responses to last week’s post, I could not suppress the feeling that we were speaking different languages, all mischievously masked as Standard English.  Nomenclature gives way like an old shirt when cultural differences pull on it from behind, and nowhere is the horrible ripping sound more audible than in discussions revolving around food. If you are explaining something about Hollywood to an Englishman, it makes no sense to compare it with Pinewood Studios, even though, purely functionally, this is its British counterpart in the industry; better to compare it to the BBC,...


Properties of Blood I.7: Dueling for Honor, Part B

Military Duels Frontiers and unsettled times attract reckless men, who are going to shoot it out, one way or another.  The pretense that Abilene after the War Between the states or the Chicago ghetto of today can be run according to the rules of an Oxford College can lead only to anarchy and the death of law-abiding people who are minding their own business.  Where a community maintains a civil order, most men will be content to keep the peace most of time, relying on the forces of the law for protection and redress of injury, except on the exceptional...


So What You’re Saying Is … Pat Buchanan Was Right all Along

A recent Claremont Review of Books article by the obviously pseudonymous Publius Decius Mus, “The Flight 93 Election,” has created quite a stir in the conservative universe. The article is a vigorous defense of Trump and Trumpism, and has been touted widely by Trump supporters. Rush Limbaugh read it aloud on his radio program. It has even inspired its own hashtag, #IAmDecius, but it has also generated a very vociferous reaction from anti-Trumpers. This National Review article by Jonah Goldberg contains links to several of the critical responses. Decius is one of the minds behind the now defunct Journal of...


Writing and Reading Verse, V: Couplets

First, the one homework submission. Vince Cornell sends in: It is inevitable what we face. What we did once treasure we must now break. But first must we state our causes plainly. That this divide did arise from just cause Be assured, for we declare with one voice That our lives, our liberty, and our joy Are those goods which we must of our own secure. Britain, it was you that did bar our way, Cruelly depriving us of our base rights. Destructive became your rule over us, And we now do form our own government Building it upon those...


Hooray for Hollywood!

According to a virtual reality rag called The Hollywood Reporter, both Stephen Spielberg and Harvey Weinstein are planning separately to base one of their schlock movies on “the true story of the kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara.” Their true story is “about a 6-year-old Italian boy who in 1858 was taken from his Jewish parents by police and raised [sic!] Catholic.”  The villain in the piece is Pope Pius IX, who will be played—if Weinstein has his way—by Robert de Niro!   “Are you looking at me?  Are you looking at me?”  It’s too bad the Christophobic Christopher Hitchens has left...