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Thoughts on the New Year by Dr. James Patrick


New Year’s Day has not always been January 1, for during the long Middle Ages it was the Feast of the Annunciation on March twenty-fifth that marked the New Year.  On that date the Angel Gabriel visited the Blessed Virgin Mary with the good news that, enwrapped by the Holy Spirit, she would become the mother of him whose name is Emmanuel….


The Reign of Love: Questions

I have received a number of queries about different aspects of my most recent book, and, rather than answer each one privately, it seemed a good idea to make it a public forum.  I may soon transfer it to our Forum section, but I shall begin it here on the front page.


2022: Year from Hell

The worst news was the return of the threat of nuclear annihilation, which had vanished after the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. The new Eve of Destruction arrived courtesy of Joe Biden’s “Armageddon” foreign policy, as he described it.


America in Chains, V

But setting aside national peculiarities, one might suggest a general rule, which is that, generally speaking, the people empowered to make decisions for a community should belong to that community and have to face the consequences of their decisions. 


Recap and The Role of Shari’a (Islam, Episode 11)


It has been some years since the first half of this program was aired and so we briefly recapitulate some assumptions about what we’ve covered in the series so far before diving into the role of Shari’a in Islamic societies and what is implied for Shari’a in Western societies.