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Challenge of the Week: What Was Kyle Thinking?

You’ve just been hired as PR agent for Kyle Rittenhouse.  Evil-minded reporters on Left and Right seem to be asking the same question:  Rittenhouse went to Kenosha with an AR15 to take a stand for law and order in a riot orchestrated in part by Black Lives Matter, whose leaders have been threatening mayors and police departments across the country.  As one BLM spokesman just declared, when asked about the killing of five people at a Waukesha Christmas Parade, “It sounds like the revolution has started.”  How do you squareKyle’s support for lawfulness with his support for an organization inciting...


The Weekly Dilemma: Mandated Vaccines

The Biden Administration has been running into roadblocks from federal judges and state governors who reject his sweeping program of compulsory vaccination.  Is there a case that can be made for requiring federal government employees to be vaccinated?