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Sweatshops of the Mind: The Rise of Bureaucracy

Community control of schools run by dedicated teachers who looked after each child individually runs counter to the modern assumption that every human endeavor can be turned into a science.  Every real “science” requires a theoretical framework, hence the need in educationism for theories of cognitive development and child psychology.   Even the acts of learning and teaching must be analyzed, broken down into their components, tested, measured, and graphed with all sorts of coefficients and Greek letters that really mean very little more than up and down, more and less.   In the years when I was reading grant proposals...


Crazy Town

In Fear, the latest spasm of gossip and fear-mongering by the infamous (among people of sense and decency) Bob Woodward, the gullible American public is given a portrait of the Trump White House as a cross between Bedlam and the palace of Caligula.  Trump supporters are outraged.  


Sweatshops of the Mind, Part II: The Schooling We Have Lost

During the 1990’s, in Rockford, Illinois, an appointed federal magistrate usurped the authority to  decide what schools should be opened or closed or built, how much tax money should be spent on which programs in which schools, and how many white children could be admitted to the gifted programs.  I was among those who condemned the magistrate’s power-grab as both unconstitutional and immoral, and, although the local powers-that-be–including the newspaper and big business interests–condemned the magistrate’s critics as racists, a federal judge ruled in our favor.  


Sweatshops of the Mind: The American School Bureaucracy, Part I

The most significant conclusions of the National Education Goals Panel was the familiar complaint: Further study is needed.  More data needs to be collected in every area… and most of the panel members agreed that the main emphasis in the ongoing crusade to improve our schools should be on assembling data and devising new instruments for testing and measuring progress.  This has been the burden of that same old song that was sung before John Dewey had ever corrupted the first mind of a student.


Out of Due Time: The Think Tank Murders, by Ched P. Rayson, Chapter Six

“OK, give me your license.  It’s obviously a fake.”

“You haven’t even looked at it, but you know it’s fake?”

“I don’t need to look at it, squarehead.  You’re a f-ing German, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m Swedish.”

“Swedish, German—who cares?  No one wants your kind around here.  You’re all dumb squareheads, and when you get to these United States, all you do is go on welfare and rob liquor stores and molest white women.”


What Is To Be Done?

The flaws in such [conservative] strategies are pretty obvious.  Most obvious is that they are rooted only in nostalgia or folklore, not in the realities of power or the realities of human nature.  This leads to the second flaw:  They simply don’t work.  They never have, they never will.


The New God of AltRight

Why would a kid attracted to AltRight fall for Jim Morrison, Freud, and Nietzsche?  Why wouldn’t he?  Morrison is simply a latter-day Peter Pan on acid, the perfect model for displaced white kids who don’t know who or what they are


Born Out of Due Time by Ched P. Rayson, The Think Tank Murders: Chapter Five

The chairman treats Ross as a saint but, from what I hear, he is a very domineering type, loves to fire people and seems to get a kick out of humiliating subordinates.  He’s been a CEO of several major corporations and served as assistant secretary at State under Reagan—I think he was in charge of some agency supposed to improve labor relations in Latin America.  Yes, the usual reward for a party hack—a make-work job in a pointless agency.