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A Pagan Reads John: We Meet The First Disciples

Several things might strike you as strange.  First, with the exception of Simon, they have Greek names.  That is not uncommon in Galilee and Judaea, but one might have expected the followers of one or another religious fanatic to bear Jewish names.  Secondly, none of them appears to be at all distinguished by birth, wealth or learning


The Reign of Love: Questions

I have received a number of queries about different aspects of my most recent book, and, rather than answer each one privately, it seemed a good idea to make it a public forum.  I may soon transfer it to our Forum section, but I shall begin it here on the front page.


America in Chains, V

But setting aside national peculiarities, one might suggest a general rule, which is that, generally speaking, the people empowered to make decisions for a community should belong to that community and have to face the consequences of their decisions. 


America in Chains, IV

The most obvious indication of subjugation by whatever means is the end of traditional law and custom, which are replaced by the whim of the sovereign, whether sovereignty be exercised by one man, or several, or a by party or faction or sect.


America in Chains, III

If we survey human history, looking for examples of subjugation, there is no lack of material: the Children of Israel in Egypt and later under the rule of Babylonians, Persians, Babylonians, and Romans; the not-quite indigenous peoples of the Americas, subjugated by European colonists…