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In Search of Honest Journalists

If we were to take on Diogenes as our role model, as we attempt to shine our light in the nooks and crannies of American journalism, whom could we name?  To make the game more amusing, we should, in addition to picking out the eccentrics, also have to name a famous contemporary who typified the regime lackeys that are the true heirs of Pulitzer and Hearst.


The Cardinal Virtues , Introduction

The Virtues, which were once the foundation of all serious moral thought, have been reduced by modern philosophers to a set of abstractions that mean little to men and women wrestling with the problems of everyday life. In this podcast, listeners are introduced to the robust and living conceptions that animated Plato and Aristotle, Cicero and Thomas Aquinas


Descent Into Hell

No, the title of this brief announcement  does refer to the birth of a baby, trailing clouds of glory, into the abyss of human life in the New America.  It is the title of a Charles Williams novel that has been termed a “theological thriller.”