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I Had a Dream

Lying awake, I half-dreamed a novel plot in which an ordinary man dies, technically, on the operating table. The doctors revive him, and after weeks of slow and painful recovery, he goes back to his old life.


Ruth Bader Ginsberg

It is certainly true that we can see, in a man’s childhood and early youth, the seeds of what he was to become, but it is equally true that we can also perceive, in the final chapter of a human life, the culmination of of a life’s work, of things done and things left undone, of loves and hates, and of joys and sorrows.


The New Dark Age, Part Two

f you are looking for someone to blame for the riots that destroy American cities, you might start with President Eisenhower, and his cadre of smug Republicans, who were willing to violate constitutional law and common sense in order to promote policies that made them proud of themselves. Without their high-minded social reforms, the concept of reparations would be laughed out of court and off the continent.


The New Dark Age, Part One of Three

Our American barbarians are not, of course, anything like those sturdy tribal Germans who would, in a few centuries, discipline their own vigorous customs into something like a civilization. Our post-civilized men and women lack even the healthy instincts of the wild beast: They are more like the feral dogs who know only enough of human beings not to fear them.


Burn This Book! Part I

Why do we send our children to school, much less to a college or a university?  I have put this question to any number of parents, teachers, and headmasters and only rarely received a better answer than: “So they can get a good job.”  Never having had what most people call a good job, I take their word for it that taking out tonsils or keeping felons out of jail constitutes a good job, so long as it brings in more than 100k in the second or third year of practice.  


Think Twice Before You Bend

I just accidentally ran across a FB post in which trans-gendering is justified by the claim that the word “man” once referred to humans of either sex and “she” was not invented until the 13th century. These people are wonderfully creative, almost as creative as the average priest or minister who lies his way through the Scriptures and the Creeds.   I don’t suppose I have to point out to any of my readers that different languages express natural distinctions in a variety of ways. That distinctions of tense, for example, are in some Indo-European languages, no more significant than...


Homer Against the Iconoclasts

This is the opening lecture of the Fleming Foundation’s 2020 Seminar on Homer–held in the teeth of a government shutdown on the freedoms of speech and assembly and of the political correctness being imposed by mob rule and insurrection. Thomas Fleming provides an overview of the Greek reverence for religious and national symbols and contrasts the piety and respectfulness of the ancient Greeks with the irrational and hate-inspired vandalism of contemporary America.

This lecture is offered gratis to subscribers. All the lectures will be on sale in a short time.


Free Ghislaine Maxwell

The FBI’s arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell has been applauded nearly everywhere.  It is one thing on which the phony left and the phony right can agree.  Jeffrey Epstein was the devil, and Ms Maxwell was his madame.