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Andy Vaught Rediscovers America, Part One

Andy Vaught, TFF’s crack reporter, has been traveling across America in his quest to find out what makes Americans tick. In this first column of a series, Andy recounts his adventures in a Midwestern supermarket in the midst of a plaguge “of Biblical proportions.”


Corona, Corona 4

A close relative, in a comment “by the way,”  hoped I was taking COVID seriously, since the problem was becoming acute in her part of California.  It was a reasonable remark, and I responded: I take all potentially fatal diseases seriously, but the media are as usual lying to the public almost as badly as the Chinese government has been lying.  Looking at at the Italian situation—far more drastic than here in the States—99% of the people dying have been old—average age 79 years nine months—and with underlying conditions, cardiac, respiratory, diabetic. Telling athletic young people to fear death is...