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Jerks 01.A–National Stereoptyes

Every human society has had its share of offensive or annoying people: busybodies and bores, poseurs and bullies, cheapskates and check-grabbers, hypocrites and egomaniacs.  You might even be able to define some societies by the offensive characters they tend to produce or by the qualities they find most offensive.


Go West, Men Young and Old: A Call for Help

Stephen has talked me into another pop culture series, this one on Western movies.  Each of us will pick perhaps 6 movies to discuss, alternating classics chosen by me and post-1960 junk chosen by Stephen “the kid” Heiner.  My entirely objective and non-judgmental language here anticipates the tenor of the discussion. The question for me, and perhaps also for Stephen, is: Which movies to pick?


My Jerkless Knee

Since the knee surgery of two weeks ago, I have been living in a fog of discomfort and confusion through which, occasionally, a dim light shines with enough brightness to permit me to revise a few pages or post something I have rewritten.  I on’t feel terribly guilty about my sloth, but I have decided to share my tedium with others,