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What the Democratic Candidates Reveal to Us So Far

  We’re far enough along in the election process to sum up what the Democratic Party candidates stand for: Foreign Policy. Except for Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang (sort of) and Bernie Sanders, all the candidates want a return to the globalist, interventionist policies that reigned before Trump. Especially indicative was their rejection – again excepting those three – of Trump meeting with Korean Boss Kim Jong at the DMZ. Typical was Elizabeth Warren’s war whoop, “Our President shouldn’t be squandering American influence on photo ops and exchanging love letters with a ruthless dictator. Instead, we should be dealing with North...


The Jaundiced Eye, #2

White people in Detroit got angry when they discovered that, if they wanted to attend a rap concert, they would be charged more than persons of any other color.  Why am I not outraged?  I think any reasonable person would think the poor chumps should be fined and jailed for buying a ticket. The US Women’s Soccer Team is demanding Equal Pay.  I thought they were feminists.  Shouldn’t it be Equal Pay for Equal Play, in which case they should be playing against men’s teams.  Anyone remember Hank Junior’s line, “I’m not a soccer man, I’m an Oilers’ fan.”?  A...


Ideological Nationalism and Its Dangers

From this point of view, Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan are are not really nationalists at all; they are more like patriots, a word that misuse, in the mouths of politicians and propagandists, has rendered unpalatable and perhaps obsolete.  In general usage, patriotism signifies a person’s willingness to take risks and make sacrifices for the sake of his country and his fellow-citizens. 


Flaunting the Flag

The Fleming Foundation’s Andy Vaught’s exclusive interview with a State Department employee angry about the recent directive against flying the Rainbow Flag.


Fatal Mistakes, #1: Reproductive Health

After decades of degrading propaganda from people like Biden, the Clintons, and the Obamas,  thoughtless and feckless Americans are confused.  Many of them appear to believe, seriously, that the right to kill babies is saving the lives of millions of women.