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Trump in Quebec Shows Obsolescence of NATO, EU.

I don’t think Trump, as the Europeans fear, is gearing for a trade war. This is just his typical negotiating style. The Europeans really are freeloaders and trade cheaters who long took advantage of American negotiators. Now they’re feeling like Hillary did on Nov. 9, 2016.


Solzhenitzyn at Harvard After 40 Years

The year 1978 was five years after the Roe vs. Wade abortion-on-demand edict of the Supreme Court, a legal and moral outrage still not revoked. And today even children can access the worst pornography on a cell phone. The American birthrate keeps dropping well below the replacement level. Europe is even worse. 


Wednesday’s Child: Satan in the Details

This is an old story – exactly two years old, to be exact – but I completely missed it when it was unfolding, and something tells me the gentle reader was likewise napping even as mischievous Pan was sounding his pipes. In June 2016 the Alps played host to a variety of dignitaries, including Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Francois Hollande, and Italy’s Matteo Renzi, at the opening ceremony for the $10 billion St. Gotthard tunnel, at 57 kilometers through solid rock the world’s longest and most ambitious. This six-hour-long theatrical spectacle had been choreographed by a German called Volker Hesse,...


Wednesday’s Child: Question of the Century

I had intended to stay out of politics for a while, what with the Sicilian peach season in full swing and all the rest of nature’s palliatives to hand, but then it occurred to me that unless I have my say on this particular subject, nobody in the whole wide world will.  It’s really the question of the century, as far as I’m concerned, and consequently I find few things more astonishing than the unbroken silence surrounding it.


“Pigs is Pigs” Part I: From Under the Rubble, Episode 25


From Under the Rubble with Dr. Fleming and Rex Scott: “Pigs is Pigs, Part I.” Original Air Date: May 2018 Show Run Time: 31 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Rex Scott From Under the Rubble episodes are available to Gold subscribers and higher.   From Under the Rubble℗ is a Production of the Fleming Foundation. Copyright 2018. All Rights are Reserved.


Encountering the Klan

This was first posted as a comment, but it is definitely worth reading as a brief essay. In the sixties, in my neck of the woods, most Klansmen were bored men, ranging from about seventeen to seventy. One night they would build a bonfire on a ridge and fox hunt. Another night they would built a bonfire in a “holler” and possum hunt. On yet another night they would build a cross, burn it and drink whisky and hot chocolate. They also drank whisky and hot chocolate when they fox hunted and possum hunted! I had a few encounters with...


Eating With Sinners, Conclusion

I think I first began to appreciate the problem presented by American individualism, when I had Thanksgiving dinner with a family of eccentrics.  They had little or no connection to the small community where their house was located–they had picked the town, decades earlier, by throwing a dart at the map, and most of them had long since scattered across the country.  They had picked their religions with almost the same insouciance: one was a Buddhist, another an atheist humanist, another (the only apparently sane member of the tribe) an Episcopalian, and another–a girl I had known in graduate school–a...