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Happy Thanksgiving, and All Praise to John Smith!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We are having a simple dinner: vegetables a la grecque–leeks, mushrooms, cucumbers; fresh turkey with corn bread , apple, onion, sage, and sausage stuffing; Southern green beans with bacon and onion cooked in broth; rice of course to honor South Carolina; and pecan pie. We used to do the whole thing with macaroni pie, fresh baked rolls, sweet potatoes, but then there were tons of leftovers. We’ll start with scotch to honor my Fleming and MacFarlane ancestors, and a tip of the hat to friends in Texas with a bottle of Balcones single malt from–mirabile...


Gone to Texas

As we drove south out of  Rockford, the blowing snow and freezing rain threatened to accompany us like bad news all the way to Texas.  The snow stopped just beyond Bloomington-SubNormal, Illinois, and we made it to Rolla, Missouri without incident.


The Cardinal Virtues , Introduction

The Virtues, which were once the foundation of all serious moral thought, have been reduced by modern philosophers to a set of abstractions that mean little to men and women wrestling with the problems of everyday life. In this podcast, listeners are introduced to the robust and living conceptions that animated Plato and Aristotle, Cicero and Thomas Aquinas