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Sophocles’ Ajax, Introduction Part II: Principal Characters and the Form

Characters Aias (Ajax) is a prominent character in the Iliad.  He is the cousin of Achilles and half-brother of Teucer.  He is most conspicuous for his athletic strength and unremitting valor in defense.  Sometimes thought of by readers as a bit of a dumb ox, he is praised for his prudence by Hector and is among the small group chosen to take part in the embassy to persuade Achilles to return to the battle.  On that occasion, he displays both good sense and outspoken candor, when he tells his fellows–Odysseus and Phoenix–that there is no dealing with Achilles.  Other men...


A Letter from an Alabamian


If Martin Luther King Jr. is considered The American Hero, and the civil rights movement viewed as the ultimate expression or spring board of everything good about America…. Then it is only logical that a reexamination of people like Southerner, three-time elected Governor George Wallace is considered, and written about in a different way to counter it


Fiddling While Rome Burns, Part Three

The Household is not just a “castle” but a little commonwealth.  When Cain was expelled from his father’s polity of hearth and home, he realized that exile from the community of kinfolks was a fate at least as bad as death.  ”My punishment” he declared,  “is greater than I can bear….I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass that every one that findeth me shall slay me.” The family is primarily an expression of blood-ties and the affections they engender.  In a broader sense, however, the household is a model for...


Fiddling While Rome Burns, Part Two

Leftists who claim to deplore consumerism, can only offer more government, while Libertarians and Classical Liberals, whose ideology of individualism began the process that culminates in Marxist-feminist-transgenderist consumerism, can promise only more servility and the degradation of the human person into an object for twisted scientific experimentation.