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GOP Debate: Trump as “Jaws”

  I always enjoy these presidential debates. The one this Wednesday should be a hoot. The main subject, of course, will be Trump, who won’t be there. Chris Christie has less chance of becoming president than I do. But this is his 15 minutes of fame. So he blasted, “Are You a Chicken or Just a Loser?” The Spanish-language La Opinion headlined, “Chris Christie arremete en contra de Donald Trump llamándolo cobard.” [Chris Christie lashes out against Donald Trump calling him coward.] The reality is Trump knows how to build drama. He was a successful “reality TV” show host for...


Mankind’s Dead End

Many writers—and I among them—have compared modern man’s acceptance of abortion with the infanticidal cults of Carthaginians and their Phoenician ancestors, whose rites are so often condemned in the Old Testament.  This is to some extent unfair to the Phoenicians. 


WFB, JR: De Sociis Mortuis, nihil nisi bonum

A FB friend of mind sent me a link to an exchange he had with a movement conservative type on the subject of William Buckley. I was never close to WFB and, while I wrote for NR on several occasions, I was never an admirer of the shallowness and partisan bullying of much of what was written there, though I did respect many NR’s editors and writers, e.g., James Burnham, Ralph Toledano, Ernest Van den Haag, Thomas Molnar, Jeffrey Hart, Robert Nisbet, Russell Kirk, Mel Bradford, and Clyde Wilson, most of whom I published as NR began to be less receptive to their points of view.