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Westerns: The American Epic


In this first episode of the Podcast series, Dr. Fleming discusses the enduring appeal of the genre of the Western and things to keep in mind as we will watch films on which both he and host Stephen Heiner will comment. Homework for episode 2? Watch the 1929 version of The Virginian.


America, a Captive Nation: The Destruction of Monuments

The first American oubtreak of political iconoclasm took place during the Federal government’s “reconstruction” of the South.  The euphemism “reconstruction” is a typical tool of all despotisms, which use words like patriotism, human rights, people’s republics, reeducation camps, and social justice to cover vast confiscations of property, mass murder, and the corruption of children


A Pagan Reads John, V: The Kingdom of God

Joannes tells us that many Jews at this time, seeing the signs, put their trust in Jesus.  I asked a Roman friend, familiar with the sect, what they meant by “put their trust,” and he used the Roman verb “credere,” but that rathe begs the question.     I don’t have to tell you that our word pisteuo does not mean simply to think something is so, as in, “I believe you are right” or “I believe Socrates is wise” or “Zeus is god.”….



Who in his right mind wants to ignite a World War between America’s NATO Empire and Russia?  In addition to the obvious motive of blind greed, the masters of war always use crisis to consolidate their power and subjugate the American people.


Ukraine: Deja Vu.

Ukraine will never be an independent nation–or even any kind of nation.  It is nothing more than a sandbox where NATO and Russia play their games.  Where a line is drawn between the two subject spheres is not a matter of right and wrong but of who is to be master.