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Little Boxes of the Mind, Part One of Two

I do not blame the students. The fault lies almost entirely with their parents and with their teachers. Entire university departments are now populated exclusively by trained monkeys who specialize in critical theory or sociology or marketing and know absolutely nothing worth knowing.


Our Saudi Friends and Allies

Why are Americans getting so ticked about a Saudi or two acting up in Pensacola.  They are our good allies and buddies, right?  Saudi businessmen were pals of the Bushes, and who really cares if members of the royal family and other Saudi billionaires  are funding Jihadi schools in America?  After all, they’ve been paying good money to both parties in Congress.  Besides, there’s money to be made.  It’s oil, man, oil.  Either get with the plan and pick up the crumbs under the Bushes (and the rest of the GOP’s table) or go off and sulk and kiss your...


A Happy Real American Thanksgiving

how, once upon a time, some footloose Englishmen came to the New World seeking easy gold, free land, and the right to spit tobacco when and where they wanted.  As good Anglicans, these adventurers, roughnecks, and proto-cavaliers were too busy minding their business to worry to much about minding yours. The few who who survived the initial attempts to settle various spots in Virginia, beginning with Jamestown, were reminded of their own weakness and from time to time their leaders decided it was time to give thanks to the Almighty for letting them survive in this savage land.  So, with one accord, the men brought what game they could shoot, along with their jugs of corn-squeezings and stashes of tobacco, whipped out their fiddles, and had themselves a great time


Thomas Fleming to Speak in Kentucky

Soon Fleming Foundation readers living in the vicinity of Louisville, Kentucky will have a chance to encounter Dr. Fleming in person, for on December 6th he will be at the parish hall of Saint Michael’s Orthodox Church to deliver the address “Shakespeare, Christian Moralist: Love, Family, Justice, and Hamlet.” The evening will kick off with a wine & cheese reception at 7 p.m., followed by Dr. Fleming’s lecture and a Q & A session. This free public event is sponsored by Immaculata Classical Academy, along with Holy Family Radio WCLR AM 1040. An independent Catholic school recognized by the Louisville...


Politics of Human Nature, Part III

A 24 minute podcast on how modern ideologies–Marxist, Freudian, feminist, Classical Liberal–have fragmented and undermined our understanding of human nature. The Soviet experiment ended in complete failure, and the American and European experiment in democratic hedonism is going faster into ruin than communism.


Swamp-Rats Revisited

When over a year ago now I wrote on: “A Nest of Swamp Rats,” I treated the leading actors in the pursuit of the Democrats’ Russian hoax as exemplars of institutional or bureaucratic mediocrity, of opportunism, arrogance, and stupidity.  Apart from a mention of John Brennan’s youthful Communism, I credited none of them with anything as risky as thinking.