John Seiler

John Seiler


President Bernie?

Here’s something weird about Bernie Sanders’ campaign: If he pulled our troops home from abroad and canceled dumb military projects like the F-35 – called the $1.4 Trillion National Disaster – he would have plenty of money for his other projects: covering all those without medical insurance, free college for everybody and jobs training for anyone. There would be no need for imposing new taxes on “the wealthy.”


Ending Electoral College Would Dissolve Democratic Party

But here’s something else: If the Electoral College ever were replaced with a “direct democracy” – assuming it ever could work in such a massive, polyglot, multiethnic polity as this one – that would dissolve the Democratic Party itself. Dems remain steamed Hillary won the popular vote in 2016, but lost the EC to The Orange Monster; Al Gore achieved the same in 2000 in his infamous “hanging chad” loss to George W. Bush.


Trump-Putin Summit on Elbe Day 2020?

I don’t know if any Trump administration people read Fleming.Foundation. But if so, a great idea would be for the president to hold three summits with Putin in the next year: first in Washington, then in Moscow, then the culmination on the Elbe River on April 25, 2020, to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Elbe Day. That’s when American and Soviet/Russian forces met on the Elbe River. It was five days before Hitler blew his Nazi brains out in the Berlin bunker. Here’s the iconic photo: Trump and Putin meeting practically over Shicklgruber’s ashes also would taunt those who continue...


Joe Biden’s Hoax Campaign

Biden has a dilemma. He has to win the Democratic primaries, which means winning the “intersectional” struggle. But then in the general election Working Class Joe, as he likes to be called even though now he’s wealthy, has to win back all those working-class Democrats he grew up with in Scranton, Pa. until he was 10, then in Delaware, before being absorbed into the Establishment. 


She Don’t Got You – Cher’s Celebrity Hypocrisy

Like all Southern Californians, I’m working on a screenplay. The latest is titled “Che and Cher.” It’s about a fictional meeting in 1965 when Che Guevara divines deep meaning in the new hit “I Got You Babe,” and, avoiding CIA hit teams, sneaks up to Hollywood to meet Cher.  Not Sonny. Just kidding. If you are unfortunate enough to live in Southern California, the media are even more saturated with celebrity nonsense than the national media. Along with high taxes, it’s one of the things we have to put up with to enjoy the soporific weather. One of the latest...


Mueller Report No Surprise to Fleming Foundation Readers

The media continue to dunk their heads in a cesspool. CNN’s Chris Matthews fumed, “How could they let Trump off the hook?” Especially disgraced are “analysts” John Brennan, the former CIA honcho who voted for the Communist Party USA in 1976; and James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, who perjured himself before Congress on the total spying on the American people? They kept saying Trump was a spy for Russia and would be taken out by the Russia Hoax. 


Why Not VA Medical Care for All?

Bernie Sanders and other socialists keep pushing Medicare for All; meaning anyone without medical insurance, even those younger than 65, could sign up for what currently is a system for geezers, including me in a year. The reason is obvious: Medicare is a popular program in which seniors generally can choose their own doctors, and which provides mostly comprehensive care, albeit often needing supplemental plans. But if they want to expand government-provided health care, why don’t Bernie and the comrades instead expand the already existing, comprehensive medical system, by far the major activity of the Veterans Administration, which already even...


Fake News All Around on Trump, Cohen, Kim Summit

Pat Buchanan say America isn’t a serious nation because its major media ignore matters of global war and peace for the tit-for-tat with President Trump. This screenshot confirms Pat. It’s CNN’s entire front page on my computer on the afternoon of February 27: The Bezos Post, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times ran similar front pages. The real story should have been Trump’s summit with Kim in Hanoi. But the fake news media won’t let Trump have even one good story, but instead obsess over the ludicrous “testimony” by a convicted perjurer before a Democratic committee in...


The Problem With Movies

Not too long ago I would have seen two or three of the five movies up for best picture at the Academy Awards, and heard something about the others. This year, as in most recent years, I haven’t seen any of the nominees, now inflated to eight, although I do recognize a couple from ads or the minor controversies they started in our PC-obsessed so-called culture. I also used to go to one or two movies a month. But I stopped doing that maybe 15 years ago. It isn’t that I watch them on TV now; I don’t even have...