John Seiler

John Seiler


Dems vs. the Electoral College

The best thing the new Democratic House can do is waste its time on things that aren’t going to happen. Such as pushing a Constitutional Amendment to abolish the Electoral College. Yes, they’re still miffed Hillary won the popular vote, but lost in the Electoral College. Even though, if the popular vote were decisive, Trump would have run a far different campaign concentrating on the large population centers and forgetting low-population states. Which is one reason why the EC never will be abolished. It takes a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress, then a three-fourths vote of the state...


Good Night, Generals

Just after President Trump took office, on Fleming Foundation I recommended he not hire generals for his top national security positions. Trump did the opposite. But almost two years later, he finally has civilians in what should be civilian posts. Gen. Flynn didn’t last long as national security adviser and remains embroiled in the witch hunt against Trump, victim of yet another “Justice” Department and FBI perjury trap. Gen. Kelly recently resigned as chief of staff. And Gen. Mattis just resigned in protest as secretary of defense over Trump withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria. When Mattis said he wouldn’t leave...


French Riots and American Climate Misreporting

The French riots must have more behind them than a revolt against gas tax increases to fund climate programs. As we’re seeing in the revolts of common people against the rancid ruling elites throughout Europe, and with Trump’s election, large chunks of the population now longer want to go along with seeing their livelihoods reduced and their families destroyed to make the elites feel good about their absurd abstractions, such as Gaia worship. Yet the Main Sleaze Media continue to pump out Fake News and nothing but Fake News. A good example is the climate “reporting” in the Los Angeles...


Tom Farr, Jesse Helms and Abortion

I knew Tom Farr when we were undergraduates at Hillsdale College in the mid-1970s, then young conservatives in Washington in the mid-1980s. He is a fine man without a prejudiced bone in his body. It’s so unfair he’s being publicly trashed for being a “racist” after he was appointed to be a district judge in the Eastern District of North Carolina and received the highest recommendation from the American Bar Association.


The Paul Ehrlich Half-Century

People like to give names to periods. During the span from 1968 to 2018, numerous events happened: the end of the Cold War, the rise of the computers and so on. But one thing now stands out: demographic collapse in almost every country. So I’m calling it the Paul Ehrlich Half-Century because 1968 was the year his book “The Population Bomb” was published by the Sierra Club and Ballantine Books, whose publicists had a flair for marketing.  The paperbook version included a lit bomb on the cover, along with the subheadings: “Population Control or Race to Oblivion?” And, in shouting...


Alexandria’s Existential Threat

If you want to see the state of the typical graduate of today’s K-12 schools and universities, consider Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, soon to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. She told a town hall in Queens, “So, when we talk about existential threats – the last time we had a really major existential threat to this country was around World War II. And so we’ve been here before, and we have a blueprint of doing this before.


Trump Jiu-Jitsu Flips Medicare Against Dems (For All Subscribers)

One of President Trump’s tactics is to use popular issues against Democrats. The latest is Medicare. For years, conservatives and libertarians have put forth plans to “privatize” Social Security and Medicare, commonly from the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute. There have been two results: 1. No reform. 2. Defeated Republicans, as anyone who brought up reform faced a Democratic scream, “Don’t let them take away our Social Security and Medicare!”


Kavanaugh Battle Is About Abortion

I wish the controversy over confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh had been about his court decisions on executive power, which I believe grant the chief executive too much authority. Instead, Democrats emphasized their prevailing issue, abortion. Of course, they say it’s about the unsubstantiated allegations against what he did when he was 17, or a bar fight in college. But if you listen to them, it’s really about abortion.


About that New York Times Fake Op-Ed

By now you might know who supposedly wrote the fake op-ed, “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”  Subhead: “I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” My guess it’s a couple of mid-level, semi-literate staffers. I’ve written a couple thousand op-eds, and edited many thousands more, and it just doesn’t read right. Consider the first sentence: “President Trump is facing a test to his presidency unlike any faced by a modern American leader.” Worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis? Or Reagan facing...