Two Years of the Ukraine War: Why Biden Is the Worst President

You are 30 minutes from a Russian nuclear bomb detonating over your head and atomizing you and your family. And the risk of that rising sharply the past two years is why Biden is by far the worst president in U.S. history. He’s the one who provoked Russia into invading Ukraine to prevent it joining NATO and U.S. nukes being stationed 300 miles from Moscow.

If you’ve read my work, here’s what I’ve maintained all along. There are two outcomes: 

  1. Russia wins.
  2. Nuclear annihilation.

All the presidents of the Nuclear Age, from Truman on down, did what they could to avert nuclear war. The recent movie Oppenheimer reminded viewers of the importance of this from the 1945 bomb test, to the incineration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to the 1949 development of the Soviet bomb, to the development of much more powerful hydrogen bombs by both the U.S. Soviets in the 1950s. Edward Teller, a minor character in the movie, was behind the U.S. hydrogen bomb.

By the late 1950s, both sides and enough bombs, supersonic bombers and ICBMs to annihilate one another. The main issue of the era was making sure we had enough bombs, but sensible leaders who would make sure they weren’t used.

There were crises, but we got through them. The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis was not intentional, but from mistakes on both sides. Khrushchev and Kennedy used back channels to get us through it. The missiles left Cuba, while Kennedy agreed to take our missiles out of Turkey, a secret part of the deal revealed only later.

Biden, born in 1942, lived through all that era, and was in the U.S. Senate starting in 1973, working on the key policies of that era, especially arms control. As president he ignored the that entire history. The early plan two years ago was, as he said after the U.S. imposed sanctions, “The ruble is rubble.” He wanted to destroy their economy, cause another “color revolution” like Ukraine’s own in 2014 that would evict Putin, put in Moscow a puppet like Zelinsky in Kiev, split Russia into pieces, and give its vastness to American oligarchs to loot. 

Not just Putin, but all Russia said: Tell that in hell to Napoleon and Hitler. 

After being staggered at first by the sanctions, Russia quickly recovered. Putin, who had rebuilt his country over 21 years to prepare for just such an event, even said he was surprised at how quickly his country recovered. It now is thriving. He strengthened his alliance with Xi in Beijing and both worked to expand BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – which now rivals the U.S.-run G7 as a global economic alliance.

As the war has dragged on, Russia’s strategy of “aggressive attrition,” as Alexander Mercouris of the Duran YouTube channel calls it, is working. The TV talking heads often say Russia has taken little territory after the initial invasion. True. But that’s not their intention. Instead, their military – much stronger than America’s ill-informed strategists and pundits expected – is just grinding down the Ukraine military. 

It’s so horrible for those brave souls. Now the average age of Ukrainian soldiers is 43. They’re drafting teenage boys, old men, and even girls. It’s now looking like Ukraine, whose birth rate before the war was 1.1 per woman, will fall to close to 0.0. Biden didn’t save Ukraine, he annihilated it. 

We also have much more information now about how the main ideology behind the Ukraine regime, Banderism. It’s a brand of Nazism named after Stepan Bandera, whose Banderists at the end of World War II massacred tens of thousands of Poles, Russians and Jews. And they are Nazis. Is Zelinsky Jewish? Yes, but there have been stranger “bedfellows,” as we say, in history. 

See this story by Alexander Rubenstein: “Zelensky holds court with Ukraine’s most notorious neo-Nazi.” 

My father, four uncles and a cousin joined the U.S. military and defeated the Nazis in World War II. Why is Biden now siding with them?

In addition to having not enough manpower, Ukraine has run out of ammo. It’s not because, as Zelensky and Biden charge, the Republicans won’t approve the $60 billion in aid. It’s because the U.S. Military Industrial Complex isn’t capable of producing enough. Maybe Biden could put in some orders to China, where much of our manufacturing base went. U.S. weapons are brilliant – and expensive. 

The same was true of Hitler’s Wunderwaffe – wonder weapons. The V1s and V2s arrived at the end of the war in small quantities. They were no match for mass-produced U.S. and Soviet weapons. The Krauts never developed long-range bombers in adequate numbers. Whereas the UK developed the Avro-Lancaster (7,377 copies) and the U.S. the B-17 Flying Fortress (12,721), B-24 Liberator (18,188) and the incredible B-29 Superfortress (3,970) used against Japan that carried the Bomb.

People like World War II analogies. There’s one for you: For a long war, prepare for mass production. Instead, because the U.S. has engaged in wars with minor powers – Saddam’s Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan, etc. – it lost sight of what war is like with a peer competitor. And it even lost those wars.

To sum up, the Ukraine War really started 10 years ago, as the pro-war Gen. Ben Hodges recently said, and is obvious, with the U.S. putsch in Kiev. That ousted the elected, democratic government and put in the current, Banderist regime run by the puppet Zelinsky. The Banderist regime then built fortified cities, such as Avdiivka, recently taken by the Russians, to launch artillery attacks on the “separatist,” Russian Donbas area of Ukraine, which killed 14,000 people over the decade.

Two years ago, it was Biden who crossed the “line in the sand” that not just Putin, but almost all Russians, put down as one that could not be crossed.

A recent poll of our Fake Historians said Trump was the worst president in history, while Biden was one of the best because he ousted Trump in 2020. But Trump kept the peace, and in a second term would have resolved the Ukraine crisis without war and re-started arms-control talks with Moscow.

Only Biden, in all American history, purposely brought back the risk of getting us all annihilated in 30 minutes. What president possibly could be worse than him?

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John Seiler

9 Responses

  1. Allen Wilson says:

    Biden and the Neocons have destroyed an entire country. And they are destroying ours. I can’t think of any group in history as destructive except maybe the Bolsheviks but I’m not sure about that.

  2. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Perhaps the French Revolutionaries. While a good deal of French civilization survived the Revolution, the Revolutionaries began the destruction of what had been for centuries the most important nation of Europe. USA was powerful for less than 100 years, and our civilization was largely derivative and with some few notable exceptions pretty second-rate. We began as colonials of Britain and we are ending as colonials of the NWO.

  3. Clyde Wilson says:

    French civilisation survived the Revolution. American civilisation will not survive the current revolution. It is already almost gone.

  4. Allen Wilson says:

    General Lee wrote that the victory of the Federal government over the states in 1865 and the resulting concentration of power in the capital would lead to the corruption of the culture and the character of the people. I think the beginning of the decline of civilization in North America can be dated to that year.

    What would the long term prognosis have been for post-revolutionary France minus the lunatic immigration policies? That’s what makes things less clear. You can recover from population decline through change of attitudes among the people, but invasion and colonization by parasites is a wild card.

    Perhaps it is the long term effects and continuing abuses of those who come to power in these revolutions which ensures decline. Akhenaten is said to have sealed the fate of Egyptian civilization with his revolution, which was reversed in a generation, but the long term effects were fatal. Yet those who came to power here in 1865 have been hammering our civilization for a century and a half. Byzantium survived the Bogomils and Iconoclasm and apparently recovered from both in the long run. France and Aquitania survived the Cathars and the probably necessary Albigensian crusade. They recovered. Russia may recover in time from the Bolsheviks, but we will have to wait and see from the great beyond before we will know for sure. It’s these modern ideologues who really rip up civilizations from the root. Give me a Cathar, a Bogomil, or a Hussite any day, but Lord save us from the ideologues.

    As for Ukraine, a couple months ago I considered making a post in the forum called “Cry for Ukraine”, which would have included links to the You Tube channels of Bald and Bankrupt, the Brit who travelled extensively in Ukraine during the years before the war, and Johnny FD, the Mongolian-American former martial artist who lived there for a couple years and bought an apartment in Kiev and one in Kharkov right before the war. Their channels are now an important video record of what has been lost. I won’t post it in the forum now, but anyone can go to those two channels and get a good look at a country now gone with the wind. I do not wish to speculate on the eternal fate of the Neocons.

  5. Allen Wilson says:

    By the way, the honest video bloggers out there are predicting a collapse of Ukraine by summer, but I’m not so sure. Something keeps telling me it will happen sooner. We’ll see. Perhaps Putin will try to hold back so that they can hold out longer and then collapse this fall, right before the U.S. election? That would be awful but brilliant.

  6. Harry Colin says:

    Because Biden…or more properly his puppet masters…are both evil and stupid, the US and its feeble acolytes have lost the chance for a better resolution to the Ukraine situation. Putin offered terms that should be acceptable to the West, but our indignant refusal to any accept any negotiation means a conclusion on Russian terms exclusively.

    I hope the final collapse of the Ukrainian usurpers does happen just before the US election; not that I put faith in the ballot behavior of the comatose electorate here, but because it’ll be great theater.

  7. Sam Dickson says:

    In 1956 the heroic Hungarians overthrew their Communist government. The Hungarian armed forces mutinied and went over to the revolutionaries in the street. They were able to force the Soviet occupation forces to withdraw from their country. For about a week Hungary was free.

    What did America do?

    Henry Cabot Lodge, the American Ambassador to the UN, suggested that the UN should adjourn until the situation in Hungary became clearer. Ike Eisenhower sent a telegram to the Communist dictator of Yugoslavia Tito stating that the United States did not look with favor on the establishment of governments hostile to the Soviet Union on the borders of the Soviet Union. Tito, whatever his denominational quibbles with his fellow Communists in Moscow, was horrified at the prospect of a noncommunist Hungary and promptly (as Ike must have foreseen) forwarded the message to Khrushchev.

    Khrushchev, having been given the green light by Eisenhower, reinforced the Soviet occupation forces and sent them back into Hungary to crush the new noncommunist government. The Hungarians on their radio begged the West for help. They especially pleaded for antitank guns. Their people were fighting the tanks with handheld bombs. Franco offered to fly antitank weapons to the Hungarians. However, his planes required air bases at which to refuel. Conrad Adenhauer, the Chancellor of West Germany, offered to let the Spanish planes refuel in Germany.

    Ike Eisenhower called up Adenauer and peremptorilly ordered him NOT to allow the Spanish planes to refuel. Thanks to America the Hungarians never received antitank weapons.

    The Soviets crushed the Hungarians. About 150,000 of them were able to walk across the border and escape to Austria including some of the leadership of the revolutionaries. (Most did not get out and died at the ends of Soviet nooses or with a bullet to the back of their heads.)

    One of the Hungarians radio announcers who managed to get out said, “The Americans did not give us so much as a single bullet.”

    But America’s attitude toward Moscow is very different today. Unlike with the Hungarians in 1956, we are pouring hundreds of billions of dollars of the most up to date weapons into Ukraine. Our intelligence services and satellites are cooperating an helping the Ukrainians aim their bombs, missiles and drones at the Russians.

    What is the difference between the Russia (Soviet Union) of 1956 and the Russia of 2022-2024?

    The difference is transparent.

    The Soviet Union of 1956 was an aggressively Communist state, actively engaged in the persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church, dedicated to world revolution, conducting subversive activities toward America and Western Europe.

    The Russia of today is headed by a Russian leader who openly attends Church services, who is a traditional Russian nationalist, who has school systems and museums that tell the truth about the “Russian” Revolution of October 1917, who presides over a privatized economy. Russia today is a country in which the churches destroyed by the Communists have been rebuilt. Over 70% of the Russian people today say they believe in God, are Christians and identify as Russian Orthodox.

    That’s the difference.

    That’s why America would not send a single bullet to help the Hungarians in 1956 against the Soviets but sends hundreds of billions worth of weapons to the Ukrainians to fight the non-communist, traditional, Christian Russia of today.

    America’s foreign policy was almost consistently overtly or covertly procommunist whether under Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter or Bush.

    We need to recognize reality.

    Our enemies are not (and never really were) so much in Moscow or other foreign cities and nations.

    Our enemies are in Washington, D.C., and New York City.

    Our enemies hate Putin’s Russia for the very fact that it is really Russian, traditional, Christian, moral and refuses to embrace colonization of its territories by 3rd world settlers, gay dances in Red Square and transgenderism.

    This whole war in Ukraine and our support of Ukraine could be brought to an end if Putin would only restore Communism, open Russia to 3rd world colonization along the lines of Angela Merkel’s Germany, shut down the churches, collectivise the farms and businesses and feature gay dances in Red Square.

    This would bring peace with the USA.

  8. Allen Wilson says:

    Mr Dickson, you have brought to my mind Armenia’s recent loss of Nagorno-Karabakh. How did it happen? The West held out to the Armenian leader the promise of membership in the EU and NATO. Just why Armenia would want to join them or how it would benefit might be an open question, but he took the bait. What was the price of admission? Armenia had to settle it’s territorial squabbles with Azerbaijan. How? Turn Nagorno-Karabakh over to them. Just abandon it to it’s fate. So he did, and thus, thanks once again to the U.S., yet another ancient Christian community was destroyed. Now it looks like Azerbaijan may go even further and take Southern Armenia to they can connect Nakhichivan. I will refrain from saying what the fate of said leader ought to be. Every time the U.S. interferes somewhere, and there is an ancient Christian community in the vicinity, it is destroyed, or very seriously damaged. It never fails. It has to be by design.

  9. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Sam, excellent point to which I can only add that before the Hungarian uprising, the Eisenhower administration publicly encouraged the Hungarians.