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The leaders we deserve

I’m heading back to the United States this month to spend some time with my family, and I’m headed back to an America whipped up into a political frenzy. Europeans do not mistake an accent for an ideology, but when they hear my accent these days they do want to know what I think of the Trump juggernaut. Before I focus on the electorate I should note that democracy, a form of government I’m not particularly fond of, necessarily requires a virtuous and informed electorate in order to thrive (it will survive and subsist on much less).  It’s also important...


From Under The Rubble 2: No News is Good News

HilaryClintonHilaryClintonHilaryClintonHilaryClintonHilaryClintonHilary ClintonHilaryClintonHilary Had enough?   I know I have.  Not a day goes by that Ms Clinton’s critics and defenders do not make her candidacy front page news.  Let me say it here for the first time—and, believe me, I am going to say it many times in the coming months:  News is a waste of time.  It it is simply gossip about strangers that distracts us from the duties of everyday life.  News commentators are like the bored English housewives and secretarial spinsters who spend their days tittle-tattling about the Royals.  Turn them off and fix breakfast for the...