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The Government We Deserve, Part I (of two)

It’s that time again:  Election USA.  As we enter the new election cycle, we can look forward to the customary effusions of democratic rhetoric.  The socialists known as Democrats, while deploring the American past, will tell us, in language hallowed by the Clintons and Obamas, that we have moved beyond patriarchy, superstition, and the irrational preference for personal liberty—the prejudices of the poor savages who cling to their guns and religion.


Texas Outlaws?

A friend and reader writes in to ask what is going in Texas, where Governor Abbott is trying to control the border with Mexico.  Isn’t this unconstitutional, he asks, since the Federal government is responsible for maintaining the border?


Why Did Biden Let Ukraine Kill American Gonzalo Lira?

Gonzalo Lira was an American citizen and journalist who died last week in Ukraine’s gulag because the Zelensky regime didn’t treat his pneumonia. It also had tortured him. The Biden State Department knew about this. I saw at least one of its press conferences where Lira’s plight was brought up. Lira’s only “crime” was reporting on the criminal Zelensky dictatorship and the horrors of a war than never should have happened. 


Journalists and Other Liars, Part I

Why do journalists lie?  I do not ask this question as a joke with a punchline waiting in the wings or even as an illustration of mankind’s general propensity to lie, cheat, and steal.  My question is intended to go to the heart of what journalism is, fundamentally: a “profession” in which men and women, without any particular skills or qualifications, spend their time at work making and repeating statements that they either know are untrue or, if they are so obtuse as not to know they are telling lies, they should be required to keep silent.