Category: Not Just a Number


Not Just a Number, Episode 8, Dance of the Dead


In this episode Dr. Fleming and Stephen discuss: Why questions are a burden to others and a prison for oneself. Why it’s not I who am asking, but the committee. Why Bo Peep is a hireling in this story. Why Caesar, Napoleon, and Elizabeth I make for an excellent Kangaroo Court. To prepare for our next episode in the series, watch “Checkmate”


Not Just a Number, Episode 6, The General


   In this episode Dr. Fleming and Stephen take on “SpeedLearn,” which the Village Authorities pretend is about education when it’s really all about propaganda.  Join us as we discuss: -The educational phenomenon of 100% entry, 100% pass -How our modern “vaccine” regime is analogous to SpeedLearn -Another sendup of modern art -Who was Frederick of Austenburg and when was the Treaty of Adrianople -WHY?


Not Just a Number, Episode 5, Schizoid Main


In this episode, Dr. Fleming and Stephen confront the doubling of #6 to #12. Subjects include: -Mind reading as a gateway to the occult -The feeling of reality when your identity is in question -Dr. Fleming’s father’s left-handedness -Dr. Fleming’s take on second chances To prepare for the following episode, watch “The General.”