Not Just a Number, Episode 10, Hammer Into Anvil

One of the more literary and artistic of the episodes we have discussed so far, this one features allusions to Cervantes, Bizet, and Goethe.

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The Fleming Foundation

3 Responses

  1. Jacob Johnson says:

    Though I’ve enjoyed all of them, this one was one of the best so far. The literary references passed me by without notice so these discussions of the episodes magnify my enjoyment of an intriguing series. I remember being corrected as a child for pronouncing Quixote : “kwiks oat”, but later wondering why the word “Quixotic” isn’t pronounced the Spanish way.

    On the subject of mass surveillance, a common establishmentarian response to complaints from the left and right from the about fifteen years ago was something like: “If you have nothing to hide, you should’t worry.” It seems to have turned out such that ubiquity of cameras has worked against the favor of the powers that be in some instances, for example the recent “Justice for January 6th” rally where the undercover agent was caught on camera.

  2. David says:

    Anterus Smith has a memory of a window jumper… yes? when he and her were being dream-mkultra’ed in a lockdown situation or something or other…can we talk about that?

  3. David says:

    To Jacob Johnson :
    There’s nothing to see here,
    yet there are curtains on the window.