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The Government We Deserve, Conclusion (at last!)

Suppose, per impossibile, we were to carry out an even more thoroughgoing plan of reform.  You can fill in any impossible details and requirements that suits your fancy.  Even if we were to gain the whole  world, we would still be left with a population of some 300 million clueless lost souls, without any skill or knowledge that is not technical, with churches that are the enemy of Christ, with a commercial culture that is more morally degrading than heroin and methamphetamines.


The Government We Deserve, Part II (of 4)

In the off chance that this screed might be read by people who do not already know the score, I ask such imaginary readers  to imagine a visit from Jefferson or Twain or Mencken or even some reasonable politician like Robert Taft or Sam Ervin, who asks us to take him on a guided tour of these United States.  We might begin their tour by taking them to see New York or San Francisco or Chicago or Portland, in fact to  any major city in to witness the complete breakdown of law and order, sanitation, and public decency.   


From Golding’s Ovid

I’ve just finished reading what is sometimes called Shakespeare’s Ovid because the playwright borrowed from it extensively. The passage below comes in the twelfth of the poem’s fifteen books.


Descent Into Hell: Finale

I am going to start this post as a sort of thread, introducing some themes and eliciting comments and questions.  My first question is:  Who is Mrs. Samille, and is her name of any significance? NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN ADDED TO.