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I need to apologize for the tardiness of posts and sometimes sloppy editing.  I failed to bring my laptop to Italy and had to rely on an old creaky iPad, and, when I returned, I am still in the same leaky boat, since thieves broke into our house and stole, among more precious valuables, my laptop.  Alas, my desktop appears to be on its last legs, and the new laptop will not arrive for a week or so.


Robert Hickson, RIP

I have just received the sad news that my old friend Bob Hickson died recently. Bob was a West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran who is known to many traditional Catholics for his devotion to the Catholic tradition. Although a few years older than I am, he was my student in a summer school course in Augustan Latin literature at Chapel Hill. It was typical of Bob that his response, when I had given him some Ovid to read, was a mixture of admiration and disgust. “Why he even sneers at the emperor Augustus.” It is symptomatic of the age...


Framley Parsonage I

Our hero Mark Robarts, then,m is neither devil nor angel, with aptitudes for good and evil.  The spectacular insight, given go early in the novel, is that if he had been more conceited, that is, thought too highly of himself, he might have been better able to resist temptation, when it came his way.


Descent Into Hell: Finale

I am going to start this post as a sort of thread, introducing some themes and eliciting comments and questions.  My first question is:  Who is Mrs. Samille, and is her name of any significance? NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN ADDED TO.