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Wednesday’s Child: Stranger Than Fiction

I wrote for Tom Fleming for the better part of thirty years.  In all that time, here as elsewhere, I never asked my editor to bless a sketch or an essay that raised the spectre of self-promotion, or for that matter of any other kind of base interest or material gain.  One might almost think I was biding my time, waiting for the right moment to pounce on my readers.  Well, I’m afraid I have some bad news, ladies and gentlemen. That moment has come.


Mystery and Detective Stories: Autodidact, Episode 1


In this first episode of our new series Autodidact, Dr. Fleming explores mystery and detective stories, from Oedipus to Agatha Christie to Edgar Allen Poe. Original Air Date: March 20, 2018 Show Run Time: 41 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner Autodidact episodes are available to Gold subscribers and higher.   Autodidact℗ is a Production of the Fleming Foundation. Copyright 2018. All Rights are Reserved.


Communism and Capitalism by Thomas O’Malley

Communism is inherently violent, because the only way to bring it about is through violent revolution. Most communist thinkers, including Marx himself, believed this. Most communist rulers have believed this as well. Lenin said, “not a single problem of the class struggle has ever been solved in history except by violence.” Mao said it didn’t matter if half the world died in a nuclear war, because the whole world would become communist afterwards.


Nihilism in Tenth Grade by George Bagby

“When your teacher tells you “Bach is beautiful and permanently valuable and Lady Gaga is not worthy of your attention or devotion,” is your teacher describing reality or only talking about his own feelings?”

This sentence has driven some of my students to tears.


Where is Joe McCarthy When You Need Him, Conclusion

Feith is typical of the charlatans of this age.  Like many American bureaucrats, he has gone through the usual revolving door between public and private, but Feith’s door has also opened on to Tel Aviv.  His law-firm, Feith and Zell, which  does the predictable lobbying for Israeli interests, allied itself with the Israeli firm Zell and Goldberg, in order to better serve their Israeli clients.


Wednesday’s Child: Letter from Rome

On the horror of bad restauration. “The leader of all the devilry is of course the United States, which is clocked at an average of one hour and one minute.  In short, in this whole sad sublunary world, only in France, Italy, Greece, and Spain do people spend more than two hours a day in prandial concourse.”


The Plight of the Homeless, Part One

In one of Douglas Addams’ very silly books, Zaphod Beeblebrox, the egocentric two-headed president of the universe, is condemned to undergo the ordeal of the Total Perspective Vortex.  It is an excruciating form of torture that exposes the criminal to a sense of the infinite size of the universe and his own small place in it.  The result is the annihilation of the self.  The device was designed by a scientist who got tired of his wife telling him to put things in perspective.  The nagging wife might just as well have been Adam Smith or William Godwin or any...