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The Very Bad Great Books (FREE)

Then, let us begin, not as Rousseau does (In his “Essay on Inequality”), by setting aside the facts, but by looking the truth in the face.  Multi-culturalism is a particularly virulent movement of cultural genocide designed to eliminate European Christian culture and its traditions. It was not invented in the 1960’s or even in the 1920’s when French communists and surrealists “forged” all the arguments that have been repeated ad nauseam by Frantz Fanon, Edward Said and the current promoters of multi-culturalism. The creators of this multi-cultural revolution were, in fact, among the writers included in any list of the...


G.K. Chesterton: Ancient Historian, Part I [FREE]

This is a revised version of a talk given recently at the US Chesterton Society Conference in Colorado Springs. Anyone who does not know and love Chesterton will find my title preposterous.  For them, Chesterton is a fanciful writer who framed clever paradoxes. Such a man could scarcely be considered any kind of historian.  History is, after all, a sober undertaking, the dry sifting of facts coupled with a cautious reluctance to draw sweeping conclusions.  No kind of historian would say something so fanciful and preposterous as: Before the Roman came to Rye or out to Severn strode, The rolling...


The New Phase of the Korean War–a possible explanation

The United States has had difficult relations with North Korea, ever since Harry Truman refused to permit the American military to end the Korean War in victory.  Truman’s lack of resolve, coupled with the American elite’s obsession with global Americanization, has meant a long string of failures:  Cuba, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iran, and Iraq.  Ever since I grew old enough to think I had the right to answer questions of such scope, I have given the same answer, whenever anyone has asked me what to do:  Fish or Cut Bait!  Either leave other people alone or, if we have to fight,...


On the Wings of a Snow White Dove–Killing Time in Rome

This was one of the last pieces published in a magazine I used to write for.   You know how it is when you have over an hour to kill downtown in a major city?  How time seems to slow to a stop?  Fortunately, the Roman houses beneath the Palazzo Valentini, which we were waiting to visit, are a stone’s throw from the column of Trajan.  On that warm and sunny day in February, we took over an empty bench facing the imperial fora and soaked in the sun we should not be seeing, when we returned, for months.  Before...



“The task of the civilized intelligence is perpetual salvage.” Why has Western man lost his nerve and his sense?  That is really the only important question of the day.  Everything else  that is happening in the world is merely a by-product of forces occupying the space made by the shrinking of the West. Or I should say “HOW  has  Western man lost his nerve and his sense?”   The Why is always in the deep mystery of God’s time.  The only way we can approach it is in describing the How.  We might then hope to understand a little or...


The Summer Symposium, Days Three and Four

Thursday 9:00 Thomas Fleming: “Renaissance of Conspiracy” 10:45 E.C. Kopff: “From Classical Christian Natural Philosophy to      Enlightenment Science” Lunch 2:00 Christopher Check: “The Cristero War” 3:45 Srdja Trifkovic: “The Russian Counter-Revolution” 6:15 Dinner at Mary’s Market Friday 9:00 E.C. Kopff: “The Rise, Decline, and Triumph of Deism” 10:45 James Patrick: “Skepticism and Common Sense: David Hume and Thomas Reid” Lunch 2:00 Frank Brownlow: “Othello: Iago Takes  a Hint from Pico.” 3:30 Thomas Fleming:  “In Search of the Noble Savage” 4:30 Brief Dibattito 6:30 Dinner at The Hope and Anchor


Summer Symposium, Day Two

Wednesday 9:00 E. Christian Kopff: “Ockham and Nominalism: The crucial event in the history of Western culture?” 10:45 James Patrick: “The Fortunes of Rationalism: Unitarianism, Latitudinarianism, and Dissent” Lunch 2:00 Thomas Fleming:  “The Ancient Roots of the Conspiracy” 3:30 Frank Brownlow:  “King Lear: Nature’s Reformation” 4:30 Brief Dibattito 6:30 Dinner at The Irish Rose First night dinner at Deli Italia    


Summer Symposium 2017, Day 1

Summer Symposium 2017, Day 1 Tuesday July 17, 2017 4:00-4:45          Registration at Cliffbreakers 5:00                    Thomas Fleming, “Ouverture to the Suicide of the West” 6:30                     Dinner is served at Deli Italia II on East State Street The Fleming Foundation’s Second Annual Summer Symposium opens today.  Speakers include Prof. Frank Brownlow, Prof. E. Christian Kopff,  Dr. James Patrick, Prof. Srdja Trifkovic, Captain Christopher Check, and Dr. Thomas Fleming Fleming Foundation Headquarters, aka the crumbling Villa Pipistrelli, getting a facelift.


Season 1, Christianity and Classical Culture, Episode 14: Georgics


In this episode of Christianity and Classical Culture, Dr. Fleming discusses the Georgics of Vergil: how and why Virgil uses a paean for agriculture and the rural life to teach deeper lessons about life, death, and responsibilities. In the final 20 minutes of the show there is a bit of disturbance with Dr. Fleming’s audio. We apologize to listeners in advance. Original Air Date: July 4, 2017 Show Run Time: 58 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner This Podcast is available for Gold subscribers and higher.   Christianity and Classical Culture℗ is a Production of the Fleming Foundation....


Rome, the Long Way Round, Part II

Part II The several days we spent at Ulivello vibrate in the memory like an hallucination.  Our friend Navrozov has written a beautiful piece about his visit to Ulivello.  The reality was a bit grittier and decayed than he described it—less the odor of jasmine than of hay and manure—but no less magical.  The food was almost a revelation:  pasta, of course, but followed by farm-raised pork, roasted with apples and served with potatoes deep-fried in olive oil. Ulivello had been a sort of farm, worked by share-croppers, and when the Italian government ended share-cropping, the former croppers stayed on...