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Ohio Poisoning: Heck of a Job, Brandon

If it wasn’t for new Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance making a stink about the disaster, D.C. still would not have taken notice, including the mainstream media. Now, they certainly are, because they know it will be an issue against Biden and other Democrats in the 2024 election.


The Crisis is the Revolution

The censoring elites with their fact checkers on social media are not so much checking facts but sniffing for any opposing conceptual frameworks and filtering out anything that challenges the false worldview composed of false paradigms.


Bidenology: Parsing the State of the Union 2023

About 95% of any State of the Union Address is fluff and lies. So was Joe Biden’s last night. All the supposed economic progress he touted is belied by the inflation chewing up family budgets. The new infrastructure and other spending is just pork for favored legislators; such things ought to be built by state and local governments. 


A Pagan Reads John, IV: The First Sign

I do not know how much you have heard about this Jewish savior Jesus.  Like others of his calling, he is said to possess magical qualities.  In the stories I have heard about wonder-workers, the point of the miracle is usually to show how powerful the divine teacher is, and there is not much more to it.