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Fred Zinneman

Few other first features involved so many future luminaries as the documentary-style German silent, People on Sunday (1930). Not the actors, but directors Edgar G. Ulmer and Robert Siodmak and writers Billy Wilder and Curt Siodmak, all of whom had long careers in Hollywood.


An Apology from the Editor

The website has been neglected for over ten days.  Initially, the cause was the Summer Seminar, which went beautifully–more on that in a day or two.  The past five days, another round of COVID, this one comparatively mild, has taken me out of the picture.  Today, I am no longer content to lie on the sofa, coughing and groaning as I listen to a reading of The Day of the Jackal, but I am actually doing proof-reading and and attending to business that is not too taxing to my befuddled brain.