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Popcorn Venue for Normies

So-called conservatives have been orchestrated into indignant self-righteous action again, this time by a low budget action film about child sex trafficking, ‘Sound of Freedom’ (SoF). The usual pop celebrity mainstream voices on the left all panned the film thereby baiting the attention of many normies and affecting their predictable knee-jerk reactions. 


Sober Wisdom on the Middle East from Sacha Vliegen


I visited war-torn Syria in 2016. A country where in some regions there are no longer 3/4 young men between the ages of 18-45 thanks to the conflict. What makes it even worse is that this conflict was planned in advance. The opposition has been armed and trained by the US and its allies since 2006. “Democratic freedom fighters” who would bring Syria into the Western liberal world, so was the propaganda that was fueled here at the beginning of the Arab Spring. For me, this was also a far from my bed show at the beginning. Until those democratic...


The Meaning of Speaker McCarthy’s Ouster

A lot of reasons have been given for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s ouster from the speaker’s post. Correctly, some are saying part of it has to do with Ukraine War funding. Writing in the influential Financial Times, Edward Luce brands it “The return of American isolationism.” I could cite many more.


It’s OK to Laugh at Bernie Sanders’ Book

To get ready for a third Bernie presidential bid, I checked out his recent campaign book, “It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism.” I didn’t want to help “capitalism,” in this case mega-publisher Crown/Penguin Random House. So I checked it out of my socialist public library.


Dismal Second GOP Debate

A few quick takes on the Second Republican Debate on Sept. 27. Vivek, who easily won the first debate, continuously was talked over in this one. The others also attacked him for getting some kind of loan from China. He missed a chance to explain how, in business, you get the cheapest capital you can, or your investors sue you. That dough was from China.