Not Just a Number, Episode 18, Dem Bones

In this final episode of our season-long series, Dr. Fleming and Stephen reflect on the themes of the Prisoner that resonate to our present day, as well as share audience comments and their favorite episodes.

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The Fleming Foundation

3 Responses

  1. Michael Strenk says:

    An excellent summation to a thought provoking series, gentlemen. Thank you.

  2. Jacob Johnson says:

    These podcasts were as enjoyable as the episodes and I am fortunate to have had access to them on my first viewing. I feel as though it is now my duty to entertain and/or traumatize others by inducing them to watch this series.

  3. Stephen Heiner says:

    Gentlemen – I am glad you enjoyed it and hope to continue in the same vein with our Western series in 2022.