The LA Times in Death Throes Attacks Pro-Life Republican

It’s not surprising the Failing Los Angeles Times is hemorrhaging money and laying off staff. Go woke, go broke. And it’s really woke.

As it heads toward the media graveyard, it’s smearing Rep. Michelle Steel, a crucial conservative Republican vote in the House. The balance of power could come down to one vote among 435, hers. She was my representative when I lived in Costa Mesa. Then in 2023 her district moved northwest, as I moved southeast to Irvine in another district.

The Failing LAT screeched:

Rep. Michelle Steel of Seal Beach should not remain in Congress. That should be a simple choice for the voters of the 45th Congressional District, which curves from Fountain Valley through a section of south Los Angeles County and north Orange County, including Garden Grove and Westminster.

The Republican has not been a positive force for the region or for the nation. In 2021, she voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill. It passed anyway, and when it brought more than $8 million to her district in 2022, Steel claimed credit.


She was right to oppose $1 trillion in overspending that goosed inflation. As to claiming credit, once the money was blown, despite her objections, why shouldn’t she pry some of it back for her constituents who are paying for it? They’re the ones gouged by Bidenflation and high taxes.

But the Failing LAT is really steamed she’s working hard to protect babies:

She co-sponsored a resolution to declare that life begins at conception, has an A+ rating with the antiabortion [pro-life women’s] group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, and prevailed on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

The Failing LAT’s writers are typical leftists ignorant of science. For any ascientific leftists reading this, here’s Biology 101, from the Encyclopedia Britannica:


Zygotefertilized egg cell that results from the union of a female gamete (egg, or ovum) with a male gamete (sperm). In the embryonic development of humans and other animals, the zygote stage is brief and is followed by cleavage, when the single cell becomes subdivided into smaller cells.

The zygote represents the first stage in the development of a genetically unique organism. The zygote is endowed with genes from two parents, and thus it is diploid (carrying two sets of chromosomes). The joining of haploid gametes to produce a diploid zygote is a common feature in the sexual reproduction of all organisms except bacteria.

Note: “a genetically unique organism.” From conception. Let’s make it even simpler for the most dense leftists:

Dog zygote = puppy
Cat zygote = kitty
Cow zygote = calf
Human zygote = baby

As to Roe v. Wade, that was the monstrous, anti-constitutional edict by the Supreme Court in 1973. In dissent, Justice Byron White, a liberal appointed by JFK, branded it “raw judicial power.” You can read it here. It was a passel of lies and nonsense. It came up with the absurd “trimester” scheme for pregnancies. Did you ever hear a pregnant Mom say, “My fetus just passed through the first trimester, so now, according to Roe v. Wade, I can’t get an abortion”?

Thank God – and I mean that not as an interjection, but literally, thank God – the court, bolstered by Trump appointing three great justices, finally overturned Roe in 2022.

The Failing LA Times again:

Steel doesn’t represent the values of her district. A majority of the voters there cast ballots for Joe Biden in 2020 — and for California’s abortion rights measure, Proposition 1, in 2022. It’s surprising she doesn’t have any moderate Republican challengers in the March primary.

Well, if the voters there passed the abortifacient Prop. 1, then what’s the problem? Abortion isn’t going to be made illegal in District 45.

For those not in Abortifornia, the state’s voters, deluded by the Failing LAT and others, legalized abortion with Prop. 1. Yet abortion already was legal here since 1967. Further, Gov. Gavin “Abort Them All” Newsom ordered state taxpayers to pay for the abortions for mothers coming from pro-life states. If it weren’t for the state’s $73 billion (not a typo) budget deficit, from Gruesome Newsom’s profligate spending, he’d offer the abortees a free pass to a weekend at Disneyland.

This really isn’t about abortion in the 45th District, which will remain legal until the state falls into the sea. It’s about forcing abortion on Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, and other states that respect life. It’s typical of the Left they just can’t leave any unborn babies alive – even in other states, or countries.

The rest of the Failing LAT’s editorial backs one of Steel’s Democrat opponents, Kim Nguyen-Penaloza. She’s also backed largely by Act Blue, the Dem Party’s main funding source, according to the FEC.

After March 5, we’ll see all sorts of pro-abortion groups, not just locally but from around the country, start backing Nguyen-Penaloza with massive funding that will exceed Steel’s. This is going to go national in a big way starting March 6. A battle royale with the stakes being the lives of millions of babies.

I’ve known Steel for two decades, since when she was on the state’s Board of Equalization, then an Orange County supervisor. She always votes conservative. I wish I still was in her district and could vote for her. If you’re in the 45th District, make sure you do so.

Even if you’re not in her district, you can contribute at her campaign site.

The babies need Michelle Steel.

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