Will the Establishment Accept Trump’s Inevitability?

The Republican Establishment has been jumping on the Trumpwagon as his nomination by the party becomes inevitable. Any early scheming to push him off because of the lawsuits mostly has evaporated. Nikki still is howling she’ll keep her campaign going. Even as she lost last night in New Hampshire.

But will the Democratic Establishment go along? They’re the ones running the show, after all. All the legal actions against Trump, not just the two by the Biden-Garland “Justice” Department, have been started by Democrats.

I have a hunch Democrats will just let things play out. The reason: Biden is such a disaster in every area. Like all Establishments, the Democrat-Republican Establishment in America fears one thing: a peasant revolt. Ours may be willing to let Trump come in, make some deals, and fix some of what’s broken – to make the peace among the nations.

The obvious main problem is the one I keep emphasizing: foreign policy. The Establishment certainly is happy to make money from the increase in arms sales and the rise in the stock prices of the companies in the Military Industrial Complex. They also were salivating at the prospect of breaking up Russia and looting its natural resources. But Biden and his team of incompetents let things get out of control. 

The threat of nuclear war, at its highest level ever, seems to have subsided as Russia’s inexorable victory in Ukraine approaches. Even the Establishment doesn’t want to get atomized. It would ruin the next soiree in Davos.

But look at all the wars inflaming the globe under Biden-Blinken: U.S./NATO/Ukraine against Russia; Israel against Hamas in Gaza; U.S./UK against the Houthis in Yemen; Ethiopian civil war – I forget which side we’re on, with China and Russia on the other; U.S./Pakistan vs. Iran; Biden bombing Syria and Iraq.

Meanwhile, Biden stupidly pushed Russia tight next to China, with Iran thrown in, plus North Korea. Russia greatly has increased its defense spending and now has its own, gigantic, military-industrial complex. The Biden fools should have read my stuff. Russia never was “A gas station with missiles,” as the late fool John McCain, a top Biden pal, called it. What do you call a country that control’s most of the world’s uranium; builds the most nuclear power plants; sends more rockets into space than the U.S. or any other country; and has a huge aviation sector? A major economic power.

The Establishment types also see BRICS+ expanding. It already had Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Now Saudi Arabia and Iran are going to join. BRICS+ now is bigger than the G7. Meanwhile, China brought Iran and Saudi Arabia close together. It’s called diplomacy. Biden can’t do it. Trump can, and did.

Our military is so dispirited it can’t attract enough new recruits to fight all the existing wars, let alone new ones. If Americans start dying by the thousands in one of those hot spots, almost nobody will join. A draft would be a joke. The youngsters would march through the streets with their hippy Boomer grandparents, enjoying one last Woodstock high smoking dope and listening to Hendrix howl the Star Spangled banner before heading off to whatever “trip” awaits them in the next life.

Then there’s the border. Who ever heard of a country without a border? Even liberals like Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams are screaming their cities’ social services are being overwhelmed by all the illegals flooding into the country. The Establishment for 200 years has welcomed cheap labor to cut wages and boost profits. But things are out of control in this area as well.

Thus the Establishment, dread it as they might, well may be coming to conclude Trump’s inevitable return must be allowed, come what may. He’s a deal maker. 

But these international and national problems do have real solutions that aren’t that hard to envisage. Trump would meet with Putin and work out an end to the Ukraine War and start some nuclear arms negotiations. The Russiagate Hoax long is over, since the Durham Report showed the whole “collusion” meme was started by Hillary and the FBI. Deals could be made with China over Taiwan, mainly just returning to the status quo ante of benign neglect, while restoring America’s military power just in case.

Who knows what Israel-Hamas will be like a year from now. But Trump already had the Abraham Accords with Arab nations and maybe that could be a start of a possible solution to the Palestine situation. I’m just throwing stuff up in the air here. Maybe it’ll always be a disaster.

Maybe I’m delusional and none of this will happen. We could end up with Biden for another four years comatose leading us into the abyss.

But sometimes good things happen.

John Seiler blogs at johnseiler.substack.com

John Seiler

John Seiler

2 Responses

  1. Harry Colin says:

    I hope my ever increasing gloominess hasn’t morphed into a bitter cynicism that rejects your hypothetical outcome out of hand. I think it could happen, but more likely is that we could end up with another horrific term of Leonid Biden.

    Yes,he is the worst prez in our history – quite an accomplishment – and even most of his own party can’t wait to shuffle him back into the basement, but here is my fear. Despite our major media’s commitment to ignore him, RFK is polling better than either party wants to see. He seems especially strong in swing states. While he would pull votes from Biden particularly the old-time liberals, his platform – bring home the troops, focus on Americans who are not part of the ruling elite – might suck more votes from The Donald. Given the huge electoral advantage the Dems have starting every election, we could see a repeat.

  2. Robert Reavis says:

    Yes Mr Colin I think you are on to something. RFK JR. is creeping quietly into position. About a point a month if you believe the propaganda. Ms Nicki is being used, I mean held, in reserve while the duopoly feverishly attempts to either corral Trump in court or negotiate acceptable terms with the artist of “perfect deals.” President Biden grows more pitiful by the day. If he was at home in Delaware, his wife might have already been reported to DHS for elder neglect. RFK Jr’s welcome appearances on all the networks is also a telling sign that he might possess the potential to “unite the country and save democracy.”