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Saving the Remnant, II: The Barbarian Threat

The Fleming Foundation’s 2021 Summer Seminar, “Saving the Remnant,” will take up what happens after a civilization falls. The civilization in question will be ancient Rome, after the collapse of the Western Empire. Topics include the Germanic invasions, the reign of Theoderic King of Italy, the last great Roman writer–Boethius, and the various attempts to preserve or restore civilization made by Boethius, Cassiodorus, the Emperor Justinian, Saint Benedict, as well as some reflections on the specter of the Roman Empire that has haunted the West down to our own time.

The seminar will be held in Rockford, Illinois July 12-16. Speakers include, in addition to myself, E, Christian Kopff, James Patrick, Charles Yost, and Christopher Check. In preparation for the Seminar, Stephen Heiner and I did a series of podcast discussions on the background.

In this second podcast, provided as preparation for the Fleming Foundation’s 2021 Summer Seminar, Dr. Fleming and Stephen Heiner discuss the failure of the Roman Empire to defend its border from peace-loving immigrants yearning to breathe free.


Take Five: The British Monarchy

Americans seem divided on the British Royal Family. Hollywood adores Mr. and Mrs. Markle, while many populist conservatives complain that their antics should remind us why we rebelled in 1776. Looking for sanity in such a debate may be a futile exercise, but….


Imagine: Joe Biden Meets The Press

What a Presidential “press conference” might look like if the U.S. had real journalists.  Imagine the answers. Or even a real system of debate where the Prime Minister has to answer questions from the Opposition.   Or even if we had a real Opposition party.