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Herodotus, Book IV

The Fourth book is largely taken up with Herodotus’ intriguing account of the Scythians and with Darius’ ill-advised expedition against these strange people.  The Scyths were a people of Iranian stock, probably very similar to the Medes and Persians before they entered the Middle East and found themselves subjected to the constraints of civilization.  They were nomadic horsemen, fearless warriors, and hard to govern.  While Darius claims one reason or another for holding a grudge, it would seem that Herodotus regards the expedition as an instance of megalomania.


Cambodia, Again

I came to agree not only with the conclusion, that it was time to get out of the warm but also with the premise, which seemed to echo Forrest’s statement that war means fighting, and fighting means killing.  Americans should not get involved in a war, so I thought then and now, unless they will be defending their vital interests, and, if something is important enough to fight for, the only restraints should be moral and not political considerations.  


Debunking American History, Part IV: The Second American Revolution

The United States were in origin a confederation of American republics, ruled for the most part by their own constitutions and laws and whose member states were bound in a contract of union with very strict limits.  Between 1776 and 1860, the complex and republican system was devolving–by a sort of political entropy–into a simpler system that concentrated more and more power at the top.