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Schumer Flacks the Court

Schumer and his cronies, like leftist Democrats since the New Deal, have used the Court, whenever they could, to strengthen the power of the central government, but, whenever the Supreme Court has been perceived as an obstacle to their plans to concert power in their own hands, they are tempted to threaten the Court.


Bloomberg’s California Utopia

As the “Mike Will Get It Done” campaign smashes on the shoals of Super Tuesday, especially California, it’s worth looking at what blowing $500 million didn’t achieve. First, Bloomberg said, “California can serve as a great example for the rest of this country.” Maybe if you’re a billionaire who can fly above the Pyrite State in helicopters and private jets between exclusive homes, hotels and office buildings. While dining on the world’s finest cuisine – at least in restaurants that haven’t closed from the state’s insanity of adopting just the policies, such as a $15 minimum wage, Bloomie and the...


Bernie and Dialectical Materialism

Propelled by his victory in Saturday’s Nevada Caucuses and previous combats, Bernie Sanders looks to be the Democrats’ nominee in 2020. He presents himself as a “progressive” bringing us the wave of the future, “democratic socialism.” His slogan: “Not me. Us” (emphasis in original). But when I hear him talk, I hear the Marxists I used to debate in the 1970s at the University of Michigan. Listen for when he screams against “the billionaire class,” as he did in the Eighth Debate from New Hampshire: “The way you bring people together is by presenting an agenda that works for the...


Wednesday’s Child: Letter from Messina

To one who has never visited it before, Messina comes as a shock. Even if the visitor comes from elsewhere on the same island – Palermo is about three hours away by car or by train – the shock is seismic, and yet it is exceedingly difficult to analyze or to describe.  Perhaps it is the air, which, unaccountably, reminds one of the Italian Alps, so crystalline it is, as though suffused by vernal sunlight reflecting off freshly fallen snow.  Locals say the clarity of the air is due to peculiar currents of wind and water in the Strait, where...


Shredding the Fabric

Since the State of the Union Address, President Trump and Nancy Pelosi have been going at it hammer and tongs (though Pelosi would probably prefer a hammer and sickle match with Bernie) .  The Buffoon-in-Chief is in great form, praising his supporters with childish  epithets endlessly repeated and damning his enemies with more vigor, at least, though not with a wider vocabulary.  Thriving on hatred, Donald Trump is like one of those Sci Fi monsters that grow stronger with every attack.  Trumpzilla. Opposing the President with every fiber of her aging and malevolent being is the harridan whose daughter calls...


Pay No Attention….

Friends have been writing me emails and sending texts wanting my “take” on the Iowa primary.  My first response is:  Trump won  by over 90 %. As for the Democratic losers–the entire pack–they have to be thinking.  Who stands to gain?  Could the Cinton-Obama mercenary hacks who designed the system actually want some gay guy’s b-tch to gain momentum?  I actually watched CNN and FOX for 90 minutes, and all I heard was “It couldn’t be Biden, because look how bad his numbers are. Right.  Let us just suppose that the numbers of the 62% reported votes are somewhere in...


Trump Rallies March for Life

By far the most important political development of recent weeks was not the impeachment farce, but Trump headlining the annual March for Life rally in D.C. – the first sitting president to do so. It’s worth watching all 16 minutes of it, or reading the transcript at the same link. Since the unconstitutional and unconscionable Roe v. Wade edict in 1973, the March has been avoided even by Republicans Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II, all at least officially pro-life. Might Nixon have escaped Watergate and remained in office, or Ford have beaten Carter in 1976, if they...


Turning Green to Gold, Part One of Two

Greenies would like to terrify us into totalitarian measures designed to eliminate human civilization—if not humanity itself—from the planet.  Manmade Global Climate Change (finally) is the latest proof that our way of life, especially our bourgeois individualism and weird attachment to private property, is evil.


Russia Recycled

People whose memories go back more than a few weeks will remember that when Donald Trump inserted himself into the competition for the Republican nomination in 2015, and began immediately to dominate the debates, there was consternation among all those people who had become accustomed to things never changing.  When his supporters began to greet the name Clinton with chants of “Lock her up!” and he began to talk about draining the Washington swamps, consternation turned to panic.  As we now know, his political opponents, both Democrats and Republicans, joined forces with rogue elements in the huge spy establishment, hoping...