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Your COVID Papers, Please!

People are justifiably worried that the government is going to impose a COVID passport as a requirement for travel and for maskless participation in public events. Of course it is going to happen for some good reasons and for far more bad. The only question is how to deal with the government.


Wednesday’s Child: My Country Right or Wrong

Say what you will about them, but my compatriots have brains.  A new survey is just out, and though the gentle reader likely shares my own derisory view of social science, I want to use the occasion to vent some national pride.  The survey, by the Moscow think tank Levada Center, sampled 1600 adults spread over 134 locations throughout Russia who were interviewed in person in their homes.


How to Pay for Bill Gates’ Green Utopia

Promoting his new book, “How to Prevent a Climate Disaster,” in his blog Bill Gates answers a common question about wiping out good-paying jobs for the middle class. His title: “Don’t forget about coal miners and cement makers on the way to zero emissions.”


Today’s Question, Number 1: Is Joe Biden a Racist?

A few days ago the President of the United States derided several governors as “neanderthals” because they decided to relax the restrictions on social life that had been imposed in a panic-response to COVID.  What has he got against that  extinct race of human beings? Neanderthal men, so far as I have been able to gather over the years, were a crude lot but capable of speech and, from the guesses I have read, endowed with an IQ range in the 70’s and 80’s.  Since they interbred with members of Homo sapiens, it may be unfair to refer to them...


Lackeys of the Regime Unite!

“Conservatives are waxing wroth over a New York City high school principal who sent anti-white racist materials to parents in which a scale of “whiteness was outlined ranging from Uncle Tom Whiteys labelled “White Abolitionists” to the downright evil  “White Supremacists” by way of varying shades of collaboration or resistance to America’s entrenched racist regime. 


Trump Show Trial in the Green Zone

The Trump Show Trial coincided with my finishing Stephen Kotkin’s “Stalin: The Paradoxes of Power.” The monumental book ends with two events: Stalin deciding that Marxist principles dictated finally collectivizing agriculture, which led to 7 million deaths in the Holodomor. And the Shakhty Trial of mine workers, which Uncle Joe – as American liberals lovingly called him – used to shock any objectors to collectivization into submission.