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Take Five: The British Monarchy

Americans seem divided on the British Royal Family. Hollywood adores Mr. and Mrs. Markle, while many populist conservatives complain that their antics should remind us why we rebelled in 1776. Looking for sanity in such a debate may be a futile exercise, but….


Imagine: Joe Biden Meets The Press

What a Presidential “press conference” might look like if the U.S. had real journalists.  Imagine the answers. Or even a real system of debate where the Prime Minister has to answer questions from the Opposition.   Or even if we had a real Opposition party.

A Crying Need for Casuistry

A young man in social media has posted a complaint, which has been going around.  His girl friend wanted to go out with her female friends to visit a place the man thought unsafe and unsuitable.  He made her promise not to go, and the next day he learned she had gone, with the predictable result of rape and battery. How should the boyfriend respond?