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Reflections on Plagues by James Patrick


Disease and sickness, whether forestalled temporarily or not, are the heralds of death, which is both a divine punishment, given so that rebel mankind will not live forever, making up good and evil for himself, eternal beings given to evil, and at the same time death is Satan’s masterpiece. 


Wednesday’s Child: Sicilian Defense 4

The title of the present series of posts, as I’m confident the gentle reader realizes, refers to a popular chess opening whereby Black, who by the rules of the game is a move behind, essentially cedes to White control of the center, using its energies to build up a rival alternative until the timing may be right for a Sicilian Vespers.  The Sicilian’s motto, “lie low,” is writ large upon this strategy, and the knack of invisible resistance to domination by central government – whether Arab, Norman, or a myriad others leading up to the present day – is dormant...


Ten Good Things to Come from the Virus Crisis

When Prohibition was imposed in America in the 1920s, G.K. Chesterton, himself a famous bibber, quipped it was a good thing because it would bring families together to make beer and wine at home. My late father, born in 1917, remembered helping his father make wine in their basement in Detroit. I don’t want to downplay whatever is overtaking America, medically and economically, from the coronavirus. I recently got a takeout burger at a restaurant in Costa Mesa. The manager said the day before he had to personally call 60 employees to “terminate” them, an unfortunate but necessary technical term...


The Breaking of Nations, Part II: A Look Back at the 1990’s

Then let us look back together at the last decade of the rotten old Millennium, a thousand years of treason against human equality.  It was an age of white male villains who subjugated women, tortured the differently gendered, enslaved Africans, murdered and raped the peaceful followers of Mohammed, vilified and plundered the harmless Mongols who, in search of peace and prosperity, tried to make their way into Europe.


The Breaking of Nations, Part One: Preface

Once or twice a decade in the mass media—news mass-produced for the masses of consumers by the masses in the press—stories about secession movements flare up like a cheap match and then burn out.  Most recently, we have heard about disgruntled people in the Pacific Northwest who want to break away from their masters in Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento and join with the sturdy yeoman of Idaho.  How little they know!  Washington today is Colorado yesterday, California the week before—and Idaho tomorrow.  The progressive virus is not a paper tiger put together out of newsprint and television images:  It is...


Crooked DNC Cheats Tulsi – Again

It isn’t only Crooked Hillary, but the Crooked Democratic National Committee. Once again they cheated Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of her rightful place in the debates. Earlier, they changed the rules so Michael Bloomberg could enter the debates even though he didn’t have any donors except himself. They just changed the rules again. “Under the new requirements, candidates must have at least 20% of the total number of pledged delegates, a requirement only Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have met,” reported CBS News. “The previous rules only required candidates to secure one delegate, which Gabbard did in American Samoa.” CNN then...