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God Rather Than Men

God has ordained civil government as an institution of justice in our present world. He also instituted the church as a ministry of grace. The two were meant to compliment and support each other but, in our fallen world, there are times (increasingly in the United States) when they come into conflict and, ultimately, collide with each other. 


Middle East Fighting and Killing

“War means fighting, and fighting means killing.” — Nathan Bedford Forrest At the risk of being redundant, General Forrest could have added, “…and dying.” He also neglected the war profiteers, for whom he could have added, “…and an abundance of money and power for those not involved in the fighting, killing, and dying.” Whether one considers it just or not, every time the United States government intervenes militarily in the Middle East, there are many people in and around the District of Columbia who smile, pump their fists, and rub their hands together. For they know that our constant and never-ending presence in...


GI Jane Jive–Women in Combat

Of all the areas of our lives negatively effected by this absurd doctrine [equality], perhaps few could be construed to be as dangerous as the move to institutionalize women in combat. Tennesseean Mark Atkins explores this in the recent release from Shotwell Publishing, Women In Combat: Feminism Goes to War. Hollywood continuously produces films showcasing nature-defying feats of diminutive women who have the ability to grapple in one-on-one combat with men two or three times their size and emerge successful. But these fanciful characterizations are as real as Santa Claus. As Atkins explains at length, aside from unusual exceptions, the God of nature has not endowed women to be combat warriors. 


That Eminent Tribunal,” or How One Branch Overthrew Two

Civics classes are often instructed that the three branches of the general government are supposed to be “equal.” But is this so? From where does this idea come? This language of the equality of the branches is nowhere in the Constitution itself. As a matter of fact, for a long time after ratification the common notion regarding which branch of the national government was to be primary favored the legislative.