Author: Clyde Wilson


What’s Happened to the Eschaton?

Many, many years ago, in my callow and misspent youth, I had a lapel button that said:  “Don’t let them immanentize the eschaton.” This was a pretty good saying and conversation starter despite the fact, as I recall, that it was popularized by the intellectually shallow poseur William Buckley. The saying was an  over-simplified reference to the vast, erudite, and dense writings of Eric Voegelin.  Reduced shamefully to the simplest terms, immanentizing the eschaton is an attempt to bring Heaven to earth by the actions of men.  For Christian civilization the given universe is a divine design which includes the...


General Silly Milley

It seems our new Chief of Staff of  all the armed forces, one Milley, has come out in favour of teaching Critical Race Theory at West Point and has endorsed other “woke” opinions and initiatives. Who is this disgrace  to every person who has ever died or suffered in arms for America in the last two centuries? 


Imagine: Joe Biden Meets The Press

What a Presidential “press conference” might look like if the U.S. had real journalists.  Imagine the answers. Or even a real system of debate where the Prime Minister has to answer questions from the Opposition.   Or even if we had a real Opposition party.


Stupidity in High Places

Speaker Pelosi is reported as saying that the folks who got into the Capitol building the other day want to destroy “democracy” and substitute “whiteness.”  On the face of it this is a lie, since the protestors were not advocating anything particularly white but asking for redress for an election stolen by people mostly white.


Our Rulers–What Now?

Successful capitalists are men whose main focus is on making money.  Now and then, a few may be tempered by some religious, patriotic, or cultural consideration.  That is not true of the global capitalists who are the de facto rulers of the people of the United States.


The Trump Legacy

That so many Americans are interested in Presidential “legacies” and are personally and emotionally involved with “my President” and “my  “leader” is unhealthy.  After all, the President was supposed to be a Constitutional public official.   


The Trump Administration:  An Early Assessment

A real historical view of Donald Trump’s one term in the White House will require the passage of considerable time.  Assuming intelligent history is still being written twenty years from now, not an entirely safe assumption,  the emphasis will probably be on Trump’s role, positive or negative,  in the degeneration of American society that is the main theme of our time.


The Strange Career of Donald Trump

It is reported that Donald Trump, while his supporters were having the “million man march” in Washington, rode in his armoured car to play golf.  What would a man and a real leader have done?  He would have gone out among the  people who were making an effort and  putting something on the line for him.  And he would have made his sissy son-in-law go with him and meet some real Americans.  And he would have made sure, with military police or whatever could be used, that his supporters were not beaten up by the thugs of antifa and BLM.