Author: Clyde Wilson


Trump Agonistes (Free to all)

The Swamp has not been drained.  It is a massive and daunting job that is still to be done.  The appointment of a couple of preppie Bush Republicans to the Supreme Court means little.  That trick has been played so many times it is laughable.  The misbehavior and radicalisation  of the Left in recent months has led to predictions of increased Republican power after the November 2018 elections.  Perhaps; but this will  mean  nothing  unless the right kind of Republicans are elected. 


Looking for Mr. Jefferson, Conclusion

I have always thought that Jefferson’s   advocacy of the separation of church and state was in part inspired by his distaste for the political power of the Yankee clergy.  Remember, the  famous letter  about “the wall of separation” was addressed to a group of Baptists in Connecticut, who were independent of that State’s established Puritan church.  One can still find die-hard Calvinists who denounce Jefferson as an atheist.  For some reason they never mention that John Adams became a Unitarian. Through the 19th century Jefferson remained a very popular symbol among the people and occasionally among writers, but  New...


Looking for Mr. Jefferson, Part I

[Jefferson] thought  that Americans had a unique opportunity to preserve free institutions if they were wise and virtuous.   He did not believe that  Americans were a Chosen People with a  divine mission to spread freedom to all mankind.  That idea was invented by the New Englanders who hated him and whom he despised.



“The task of the civilized intelligence is perpetual salvage.” Why has Western man lost his nerve and his sense?  That is really the only important question of the day.  Everything else  that is happening in the world is merely a by-product of forces occupying the space made by the shrinking of the West. Or I should say “HOW  has  Western man lost his nerve and his sense?”   The Why is always in the deep mystery of God’s time.  The only way we can approach it is in describing the How.  We might then hope to understand a little or...


 Democratic Discourse

I am not one of those who spends time reading or writing “tweets.”  Life is too short and I am already the victim of too many forms of communication.  However, a friend sent me a “tweet” that arrested my attention as illustrative of the sad state of our “democracy.” The tweeter, upset by President Trump’s apparent  (and ill-advised)  use  of the word “covfefe,” tells the world: “Trump now claims his ‘covfefe’ tweet contained no typos.  This is sociopathy.  He must be impeached ASAP.” Note that this statement is not opinion or argument. It is an imperious demand for a transfer...


Forty Years in the Wilderness by Clyde Wilson

The Day-Spring from on High By the Rt. Rev. Paul C. Hewett Maitland FL:  Exulon Elite 711 pp.,  $32.99 Many  Christians  long admired the American Episcopal Church, even those without its bonds.  The Anglican faith was orthodox  but with a certain amount of gentlemanly tolerance;  it shared friendly borders with Catholics, Protestants, and  Orthodox, an ecumenical miracle;  it could embrace to a degree the catholic, the evangelical, and the charismatic, and perhaps tame them a little;  its language and music were wonders;  it was associated with many of the greatest achievements and leaders of the English-speaking world;  it gave us...