Author: Clyde Wilson


The Strange Career of Donald Trump

It is reported that Donald Trump, while his supporters were having the “million man march” in Washington, rode in his armoured car to play golf.  What would a man and a real leader have done?  He would have gone out among the  people who were making an effort and  putting something on the line for him.  And he would have made his sissy son-in-law go with him and meet some real Americans.  And he would have made sure, with military police or whatever could be used, that his supporters were not beaten up by the thugs of antifa and BLM.


What Now?

It seems likely that, one way or another, Biden and his handlers will invade and occupy the Executive Mansion in January.  That will only be symbolic since they already possess most of the Executive branch of government.  Conservative commentators, always wishful thinkers, are now telling us that it won’t be too bad—after all, Biden is weak and the Republicans have the Senate.


Us and Them

When this cotton-mill boy went down to the University in 1959, he noticed something at once.  There was a division between the superior US  (that is, them)  and the inferior THEM (that is, us).  The division had nothing to do with intellectual distinction or even athletic prowess,  but the members of US definitely  regarded themselves as superior.


“Debating” Again

I forced myself to watch the second “Debate,” although I had rather have been watching a good French mystery.

I longed to see Trump emerge as  the populist, the champion of us deplorables, the one who talks like a man rather than a politician.  I am inclined to think  that if that Trump had   emerged (if he indeed exists)  he would have clinched his re-election.


The “Debate”

Trump blew it.  The President of the United States allowed himself to be called a “liar”  and a “clown,” an enormity that has not even been noticed.  And he failed to deal effectively with any of his opponent’s smooth lies.  For millions of shallow, naïve, clueless Americans, Biden appeared “Presidential” and  as Trump’s superior in character, knowledge, and constructiveness.


Donald Trump Addresses the Nation, Conclusion

I promised in my first talk to take up the question of immigration, which I regard as the most important of all. For almost 50 years your elected leaders have refused to enforce the laws regulating immigration, even though every poll ever taken shows that a majority want this done. There are now millions of people who have entered and continue to enter our country illegally—something that no civilized country has ever permitted.



My list of  vital  but neglected problems  includes the threat to freedom of speech and democratic government  from control of  the so-called social media by a handful of unelected men.  These people seem to consider  themselves masters of the universe who can force Americans  in a direction they want us to go.