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The Man in the High Study, Part One (of two)

I had a flash of realization: None of this is real, none of this has actually happened.  COVID lockdowns, Antifa and BLM riots, the Kardashians and the Met Gala, “woke’ academics and cities on fire, the Biden presidency are all part of a poorly written script for a cheap dystopian TV series, a knock-off of Philip K. Dick.


Return of the Jerk.

In anticipation of revising the old and writing the new chapters of JERKS and of publishing the whole of it as a little book, I am going to be posting some parts in the upcoming months.


Resisting Evil, Part I

An entire nation that adopted a policy of pacifism would soon become a nation of slaves.  Since the Christian religion has not yet become the exclusive preserve of fools, cowards, and idiots, it is strange how many people believe that Christ requires believers never to resist evil by force.


Bulldog and the Meaning of Life

When I selected the first Bulldog Drummond for our ongoing discussion of books, it was partly because it is the kind of old-fashioned adventure that people like to read in the summer, and partly the author’s understand of certain fundamental things of life might remind readers of the “world we have lost.”


Let’s All Blame Biden and Feel Good About Ourselves

Biden’s performance as commander-in-chief is disastrous, but let us never forget that George Bush and his team of aspiring world-controlers had no valid reason for invading and destroying this rotten country–as I said before the invasion–and the only exit strategy that seemed likely is what is happening now


Make My Day

If you are unwise enough to be on one or another social medium, you will have read something like this: “If you want to disagree with my futile ill-thought out and clumsily expressed opinion on X Y or Z, go ahead and make my day. I can’t wait to unfriend you”?  Do you ever wonder what is going on in someone’s mind, when he issues such a  taunt?   I automatically unfriend such people, even if I agree with their position. I no longer have to teach low-achieving American adolescents with exaggerated opinions of themselves.  I am speaking of the early...