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America In Chains, Part II

Among the more childish fantasies of the American Right is their obsession with Cultural Marxism.  They quote Gramsci as if his second-rate and derivative writings were Holy Writ, and they boldly prophesy that once they have slain the beast of Cultural Marxism we can all get together in an orgy of American Greatness.


America In Chains I: The Land of the Unfree, the Home of the Slaves

I am  going to argue a simple thesis: That the ordinary men and women who work hard, pay their taxes, take care of their children, and are trying to preserve some of what has been handed down to us a a legacy from previous generations, are not only strangers in our own land:  We are the conquered subjects of a ruling elite that is made up of moral aliens who despise us and our traditions


The Gospel According to Saint John

Note:  This letter and the commentary that follows were found in the lava-covered ruins of Herculaneum.  It is apparently a copy of a letter sent by a learned Greek to a young Roman friend of Greek ancestry, the poet Statius.  The commentary is the response of an educated pagan upon first reading a Christian text, The Gospel According to Saint John.


Book Club: Framley Parsonage

For anyone who has the time to read a good work of English fiction, I have started to reread Anthony Trollope’s Framley Parsonage.   I’ll post an occasional comment and perhaps also put up a very old piece of mine on Trollope.  After this, we shall certainly do Plutarch’s dialogue on the Delay of Divine Punishment


Christian Revenge

Most Christians today are horrified by any thought of revenge.  Bring the subject up, and they are sure to quote, “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord,” as if that were a sufficient refutation.  Far from being a repudiation of vengeance as something evil, the statement is a strong affirmation of vengeance as an instrument of the divine will. 


America–the Picture Show

In the midst of war and rumors of war, the ongoing soap opera of “The Sussexes” seems hardly worth mentioning, but if–like some future archeologist, holding his news and sifting through the middens of a 21st century….