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POB II, Chapter O, Part B

Whether Cicero’s statement [that the family is the seed-bed of the commonwealth] is true or not, political dreamers and social revolutionaries bent on destroying or transforming society have written and acted as if it were.  With only a few exceptions, every revolutionary political theory and social experiment of the past three hundred years has predicated itself on either the elimination of the family or on a drastic reduction of its traditional autonomy.


Properties of Blood, Volume II, Chapter 0: The Family and Its Enemies

The family was born free, everywhere it is in chains. This bogus quotation is a slight twist on the revolutionary declaration that Rousseau used to introduce The Social Contract: “Man is born free but is everywhere in chains.”  Rousseau was an original thinker who expressed himself in a brilliant prose style, but he was entirely wrong about many things and blind to the facts of human nature.  To a parent, or nurse, or anyone who has ever seen an infant up close, nothing seems clearer than the fact that man is born entirely dependent upon his mother without whom (or...


A League of Our Own, Part Two (Conclusion)

There are only two alternatives for this continental empire that has never been a real nation: Either we find the means to decentralize decision-making and restore authority to the old institutions of family and town and county (and even state), or else we lapse into a multifaceted civil war of blacks against Hispanics against whites against blacks against Jews…


Ask Mr. Autodidact: Diagram Latin Sentences?

A Question from a young Latin teacher. Henle asks that the students learn to diagram sentences in Latin. How helpful do you think this visual division of grammatical parts is for early and early-intermediate students? Much depends on the sort of students you have and what you expect to achieve.  Fr. Henle learned Latin before the Second World War, at a time when an analytical and structuralist approach was all the rage both in linguistics and in teaching English.  While the earliest method of diagramming goes back to the late 1840’s, the system really took off when it was visually...


Subsidized Illiteracy

This murder of English and logic is being practiced by academics throughout the 50 states.  It results in a professor, testifying in the Senate, who has to ask what the word “exculpatory” means.  It results in hundreds of thousands of self-styled intellectuals who ridicule a successful businessman-turned-President who has that particle of common sense they will never have


A League of Our Own, Part One

This essay on the Lega Nord was published in February of 1993, after I spend considerable time with members of the Lega and had secured a long interview (followed by subsequent briefer meetings) with Umberto Bossi. Now that the Lega is once again in the ruling coalition and facing the wrath of the EU for cracking down on Third World immigration, it seems a good time to take a second look.