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Ray Olson at the Movies

In the 1930s, MGM’s top directors were Clarence Brown (a favorite of Garbo’s), the prolific W. S. Van Dyke, of whom I’ve written for FF, and Victor Fleming. In 1939, MGM observed its silver anniversary. Since it was the biggest American movie studio, it launched a campaign to make 1939 known as Hollywood’s greatest year


Wednesday’s Child: Psychology 101

“Don’t mention the war,” advised Basil in a famous episode of Fawlty Towers called “The Germans,” and I reckon the gentle reader appreciates that I’ve followed the hapless hotelier’s advice during the last few months of the ongoing catastrophe.  Obliquely, however, that fast may be broken, rather the way a practicing Orthodox believer may sneak in a prawn or two during the Great Lent, which, incidentally, starts on Monday.