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Foreign Affairs, Episode 6: April 2019


On this episode of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Srdja Trifkovic returns to discuss the recognition of the Golan Heights as Israeli territory by the United States, Brexit (and whether it will actually happen), the ongoing coup attempt in Venezuela, the 20th anniversary of the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO forces, and the nothingburger that was the Mueller Report. This episode is free to the public. Show Sponsor: Members Who Support Our Work Original Air Date: April 2, 2019 Show Run Time: 44 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Srdja Trifkovic Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner Podcast Player – Click the Cloud to Download Episode...


College: The Great American Fee-Factory, Part One

Foreword. Back in the 1980s, having had the fascinating experience of sitting on a financial-aid committee, I learned—to my surprise—that colleges no longer awarded endowed scholarships to exceptionally clever applicants; that instead they were offering something called “financial aid packages” to everyone, thus making it obvious to an inquiring mind that intellectual ability had little to do with college admissions. I also discovered that colleges operated in packs or cartels to fix their prices and restrict competition. The piece that follows was the result of my appalled fascination, and since I seem to have anticipated both the dereliction of academic standards...


Born Out of Due Time, by Ched P. Rayson: Chapter 20

Geltner slammed the table, with his open hand and shouted: “Think about?  In your shoes I wouldn’t waste time thinking. I’d be shaking the hand of the man who made the offer.  What do you have to lose?  I don’t mind telling you, I’m the one who asked Sottili to look into your background.  He thinks you’ve been up to something, but he can’t find any evidence and I don’t give a damn if he does.  Me, I think you’re just an old-fashioned American eccentric, a Bohemian with nice manners and a collar and tie.  I’ve knocked around myself, and while I’m all for old-fashioned family values, there are some places where the rules don’t apply.” 


 Haydn’s “Lord Nelson Mass”

Unless you are a seasoned choral singer, lover of choral music or frequent concert goer, you may not know about what H.C. Robbins Landon (a major biographer of the composer) says is “arguably Haydn’s single greatest composition.”


Mueller Report No Surprise to Fleming Foundation Readers

The media continue to dunk their heads in a cesspool. CNN’s Chris Matthews fumed, “How could they let Trump off the hook?” Especially disgraced are “analysts” John Brennan, the former CIA honcho who voted for the Communist Party USA in 1976; and James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, who perjured himself before Congress on the total spying on the American people? They kept saying Trump was a spy for Russia and would be taken out by the Russia Hoax. 


Dante the Man, Part II: Christianity and Classical Culture, Episode 26


In this episode Dr. Fleming discusses the Old Testament “vendetta” attitude that many characters (including Dante) have in The Comedy, though particularly in the Inferno (understandably). Dr. Fleming discusses the sometimes understandable, but often ridiculous reasons that cities could be so partisan during this time period, shadows of which can be seen in football match brawls between supporters today (in Italy and elsewhere). Original Air Date: March 25, 2019 Show Run Time: 26 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner This Podcast is available for Silver subscribers and higher.   Christianity and Classical Culture℗ is a Production...