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Encountering the Klan

This was first posted as a comment, but it is definitely worth reading as a brief essay. In the sixties, in my neck of the woods, most Klansmen were bored men, ranging from about seventeen to seventy. One night they would build a bonfire on a ridge and fox hunt. Another night they would built a bonfire in a “holler” and possum hunt. On yet another night they would build a cross, burn it and drink whisky and hot chocolate. They also drank whisky and hot chocolate when they fox hunted and possum hunted! I had a few encounters with...


Wednesday’s Child: This Portside of Paradise

When a Negroni cocktail is properly made, it is just the thing to drink sitting in the shade on a sunny day.  But when the humble Negroni is made with Punt e Mes instead of ordinary red vermouth, it is more than the cocktail you drink in the shade on a sunny day, it is how you set sail for paradise.


Ransom Notes, May 15 2008

Hollywood and Congress are free to make up any reality they like, but anyone who has lived on the ground in the real American knows perfectly well that the welfare-consuming classes are living off the sweat of American workers, whose only reward is to be insulted and attacked. 


Born Out of Due Time, a Fantasy by Ched Rayson, Chapter Five (Complete)

He and the chairman naturally like to think of themselves as lovers of the ‘permanent things.’  They may have read T.S. Eliot once upon a time, but way down deep—if there is anything deep in any of them—they are just conservatives.”

“Meaning?  I’m not up on mass movements.”

“Meaning they think that the people who make the most money constitute an elite class that deserves to be entrusted with power, that high taxes, regulation, and government spending are the cause of all our problems.  Literature and philosophy are fine in their place, and most of these people contribute to private schools and symphony orchestras, but, ‘when it comes to brass tacks,’ their only facts are calculated in dollars.  What they like to call ‘culture’ is like high fashion or etiquette.  It makes the ugly reality of their world a prettier place.”


Inventing Value

Another coincidental event accompanying the invention of Kraft Cheese and the Hollywood film industry was Woodrow Wilson’s signing of the Federal Reserve act, which inaugurated the evacuation of value from the dollar.  Compared to the gold-backed, pre-Federal Reserve dollar, today’s dollar is worth about 3 cents, another example of capitalism’s mass-production of imitation goods.   


Website Renovation

We are very grateful for the continuing loyalty of our subscribers in the face of delays, irregularities, and lapses.   I do want to alert you all to an upcoming renovation of the site.   …While the basic form will be retained, including the featured articles on the front page, we are making a number of  changes that should enrich the experience and facilitate use.