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Wednesday’s Child: The Writer’s Place

The idea of the melting pot, in my view, has done more to harm the United States than any other. There are probably as many foreigners per capita in Britain as in America, but society there encourages them to keep to themselves, to stick to their aboriginal ways and exotic garb, to cross the stage every once in a while – extravagantly costumed and, as it were, becomingly inscrutable – instead of going after lead roles.


Religio Philologi, The Gentile Church, A

Building The Gentile Church The early Church faced many grave crises and challenges, many of which can be summed up in one question: What kind of Church was it to be?    This question was first posed as a set of alternatives:  Was it  to be a Judeo-Christian Church limited to Jews, including Gentile converts to Judaism, or a Christian Church liberated from most of the peculiarities of Jewish law and custom?  But a second part of this question was whether this Church was to be a sect alienated from everyday life, like the Essenes, or an institution that existed in...


Properties of Blood, II: 0, Part C. The Indestructible Family

The family is universal, an inevitable institution created out of our very nature.  Governments did not invent it, and most, if not all state interventions into the family are destructive.  This is clear, not just from the policies that undermine family autonomy–compulsory schooling, laws on delinquency and child abuse, no-fault divorce–but even more from tax policies that confiscate (in my own case) over half the family’s household income to waste on pernicious follies like orbiting Defense systems and the subsidies for indolence, crime, and illegitimacy which in polite usage are called Welfare


Born Out of Due Time, by Ched P. Rayson, Chapter Twelve

There are people in this town who’d like to see Mac Ross out of a job so they could get their hands on whatever they think he has got going.  They could have hired you.  Who knows?  Maybe you only meant to scare them so that you could gain their confidence by playing detective.  How the hell do I know what goes on in someone like you—a loner without friends or visible means of support?  I already have a report on my desk that you beat up a teenager in a men’s room, while you were attacking a teenage girl.”


Trump Agonistes (Free to all)

The Swamp has not been drained.  It is a massive and daunting job that is still to be done.  The appointment of a couple of preppie Bush Republicans to the Supreme Court means little.  That trick has been played so many times it is laughable.  The misbehavior and radicalisation  of the Left in recent months has led to predictions of increased Republican power after the November 2018 elections.  Perhaps; but this will  mean  nothing  unless the right kind of Republicans are elected. 


Trump Jiu-Jitsu Flips Medicare Against Dems (For All Subscribers)

One of President Trump’s tactics is to use popular issues against Democrats. The latest is Medicare. For years, conservatives and libertarians have put forth plans to “privatize” Social Security and Medicare, commonly from the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute. There have been two results: 1. No reform. 2. Defeated Republicans, as anyone who brought up reform faced a Democratic scream, “Don’t let them take away our Social Security and Medicare!”


New In the Forum

Carl Hildebrand comments on new study that proves Greeks and Romans were multi-culturalists who ripped off other cultures Allen Wilson is puzzled by the stupidity of church propaganda and the FF Founder wonders if he is alone in condemning the would-be assassins of leftists while feeling complete indifference to their fate….. Join the conversation.


Trump and the Invasion

This is the basic fact of American life that conservatives refuse to understand.  The American ruling elite and the poor chumps who emulate them hate everything this country ever was.  For 40 years high school history teachers have regaled their classes with attacks on white men who enslaved negroes, oppressed women, massacred Indians, and insulted Jews.