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Ohio Poisoning: Heck of a Job, Brandon

If it wasn’t for new Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance making a stink about the disaster, D.C. still would not have taken notice, including the mainstream media. Now, they certainly are, because they know it will be an issue against Biden and other Democrats in the 2024 election.


America, a Captive Nation: The Destruction of Monuments

The first American oubtreak of political iconoclasm took place during the Federal government’s “reconstruction” of the South.  The euphemism “reconstruction” is a typical tool of all despotisms, which use words like patriotism, human rights, people’s republics, reeducation camps, and social justice to cover vast confiscations of property, mass murder, and the corruption of children


Quo Vadis? (Islam, Episode 18)


Many terrorist attacks have happened since 2002 when the book was first published. We give a roll call of some of them and then revisit Dr. Trifkovic’s five policy points he had offered at that time for dealing with the Islamic threat. We also ask him whether he would be able to publish such a book today and what the consequences would be if he were able to.


Wednesday’s Child: A Hopeful Sign

Were Plato alive today, and not in jail for extremism, I wonder what he and his cronies would be talking about in the boozer.  Socrates, certainly, would by then have suffered pretty much the same fate as he did, and the conversation – transcribed for posterity by some sympathetic soul on the Fleming Foundation – would lack some of its former brilliance, but still its likely drift intrigues me.


No, Nikki, No

Nikki Haley promised she wouldn’t run for president against Donald Trump. She lied. She just sent a St. Valentine’s Day card to America: “I love you. XOXOXOXO. Elect me president and I will bomb numerous countries.”


The Crisis is the Revolution

The censoring elites with their fact checkers on social media are not so much checking facts but sniffing for any opposing conceptual frameworks and filtering out anything that challenges the false worldview composed of false paradigms.


The All-American Super Bowl by Web Duboyce


Please do not allow your children to read this ill-natured and off-color post. The figures are not yet in, but if the predictions are correct, as many as 100 million people watched Super Bowl 2023.  It is very reassuring to learn that everything is back to normal.