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Why Not VA Medical Care for All?

Bernie Sanders and other socialists keep pushing Medicare for All; meaning anyone without medical insurance, even those younger than 65, could sign up for what currently is a system for geezers, including me in a year. The reason is obvious: Medicare is a popular program in which seniors generally can choose their own doctors, and which provides mostly comprehensive care, albeit often needing supplemental plans. But if they want to expand government-provided health care, why don’t Bernie and the comrades instead expand the already existing, comprehensive medical system, by far the major activity of the Veterans Administration, which already even...


Two Oinks for Democracy, Part I of II

Over the years, much of our critique of American imperialism was made on the level of principle: Preemptive wars, inherently wrong in themselves, would eventually justify the militarization of American life and the final destruction of our constitutional order.  Reconstruction abroad, we argued, would inevitably justify reconstruction at home. 


Wednesday’s Child: Not So Loverly

“I have never been so keyed up!”  I think I won’t be very far from the truth if I say that what most Americans know of Royal Ascot is Audrey Hepburn’s rendition of this line in My Fair Lady, in 1964 the most expensive film ever made.  Remember?  “Ev’ry duke and earl and peer is here, ev’ryone who should be here is here,” she gavottes, At the gate are all the horses Waiting for the cue to fly away. What a gripping, absolutely ripping Moment at the Ascot op’ning day! When I lived in England, I never missed a day...


Generations of Impotence, Conclusion: The Cruelty of Nerds

Like so many modern American males, the Marquis de Sade was incapable of taking pleasure in the ordinary things of life.  Morally and intellectually feeble, he wallowed in fantasies of sexual violence.  The history of civilization might be written as a series of social inventions for the proper application of violence: boxing matches, duels, warfare.  When civilizations die, men cannot fall back on the killer instincts of barbarians who control their violence.  They are like the jackdaws studied by Konrad Lorenz:  Not genetically programmed to fight and kill, they do not have the ritual off-switch to stop violence, once it...


Ilhan and the New Face of America

CSPAN coverage of the House of Representatives may soon replace Comedy Central.  Within a short 24 hour period, House Democrats proposed giving the vote to illegal aliens and refused to condemn outrageous statements made by Somali Muslim Ilhan Omar.  Born in Mogadishu, where she spent her early years, Omar and her family were granted refugee status by an American government whose kindness exceeded its wisdom.   Omar was brought up in the most ridiculous state of the American Union—Minnesota—where she eventually became a policy fellow at the Hubert Humphrey School of extraterrestrial Marxism, “community nutrition educator” at the state’s parody-university,...


Wednesday’s Child: A Spaghetti Tragedy

Young Nietzsche declared that tragedy was born from the spirit of music, but this proposition – as in the case of most nineteenth-century paradox mongers – may also be safely read in reverse.  Surely one can argue that music was born from the spirit of tragedy?  In fact, in an essay written a year earlier than The Birth of Tragedy, this is just what Nietzsche himself seems to have argued.  Anyway, my wife, who is a musician, agrees, which is why she told Mario’s father that what the boy needed was to be better acquainted with the idea of tragedy....


Generations of Impotence, Part II “Stone Cold Dead in the WWF Market”

Big John Canaday may not have had brains, but with or without a gun he had grit, and to this day I do not know why he befriended me, much less why he picked the least athletic person he knew to take Coach Butts out to dinner.  It may have been something as simple as the fact that my father owned a sports team, or–as I should prefer to think–that he knew I was at ease with grown-up men. Another bar (The Keg) in Charleston was owned by a Jewish prize-fighter who did not want kids in what was more...


Fake News All Around on Trump, Cohen, Kim Summit

Pat Buchanan say America isn’t a serious nation because its major media ignore matters of global war and peace for the tit-for-tat with President Trump. This screenshot confirms Pat. It’s CNN’s entire front page on my computer on the afternoon of February 27: The Bezos Post, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times ran similar front pages. The real story should have been Trump’s summit with Kim in Hanoi. But the fake news media won’t let Trump have even one good story, but instead obsess over the ludicrous “testimony” by a convicted perjurer before a Democratic committee in...