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Dunnage as Sackcloth

Recently more than in times past, the month of April triggers some ominous memories that have become more vivid somehow with distance in time. I had relegated my memories of the events of Operation Eagle Claw (OEC) to my mind’s recesses after leaving the First Ranger Battalion for Special Forces (SF) in August of 1980 following the ill-fated mission that past April.


“You Shall Be As Gods.”


Pico della Mirandola’s “Oration on the Dignity of Man” is celebrated by leftists and conservatives as a classic statement on human dignity. In fact, this confused product of a a brilliant young mind is one of the opening shots in the rebellion against God and human nature. There is, however, a happy ending.


Heroic: Trump Sleeps Through ‘Hush Money’ Kangaroo Court Trial

My favorite scene in the 1983 movie “The Right Stuff” is where astronaut Gordo Cooper is sleeping on the launch pad waiting for the Atlas rocket to propel him in his Mercury capsule into outer space. It’s based on Tom Wolfe’s great non-fiction account of the same name about the early U.S. space program. It’s what Hemingway called courage: Grace under pressure.


The Prince

Anyone who does not own a copy of the work can easily get one online from many sources including  It is a short book, which can be read in the matter of a few hours.  We’ll take a few weeks.


The Government We Deserve, Part II (of 4)

In the off chance that this screed might be read by people who do not already know the score, I ask such imaginary readers  to imagine a visit from Jefferson or Twain or Mencken or even some reasonable politician like Robert Taft or Sam Ervin, who asks us to take him on a guided tour of these United States.  We might begin their tour by taking them to see New York or San Francisco or Chicago or Portland, in fact to  any major city in to witness the complete breakdown of law and order, sanitation, and public decency.