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Euripides, Hecuba: Christianity and Classical Culture, Episode 23


In this second of a two-part mini series on Euripides, Dr. Fleming takes a look at one of Euripides’ plays, Hecuba. What was the lot of women, particularly those involved in the Trojan War, what was the role of blood revenge, and the question of becoming what you chase after are just a few of the themes that Stephen and Dr. Fleming discuss in this episode. Original Air Date: May 2018 Show Run Time: 45 minutes Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner This Podcast is available for Gold subscribers and higher.   Christianity and Classical Culture℗ is...


Wednesday’s Child: Crying Wolfe

If one were to cut open, the way one saws through a tree trunk, the literary career of Tom Wolfe, in the circles revealed therein one could read the entire history – or, more to the point, the whole tragedy – of what happened to the press in America in the twentieth century.  As the writer passed away last month, I want to say a couple of things about him which the gentle reader is unlikely to find in the numerous obituaries. In 1966, after a lengthy struggle, New York’s Herald Tribune – by then the only remaining highbrow competitor...


St. Thomas and the Defense of Liberty

Many libertarians and classical liberals regard St. Thomas Aquinas as one of the enemies of liberty, of economic liberty in particular.  According to these critics (and to some self-described Thomists), Thomas is supposed to have devised an abstract and systematic theory of an ideal state, which would have the power to regulate the marketplace by establishing a quasi-Marxian “just price” for all goods and by prohibiting all interest on investments.  This opinion of Thomas’s economic views is substantially wrong, both in the details and in its overall point of view.  Although Thomas was far from being a classical liberal, his moral and political philosophy, once properly understood, gives no support to statism in any form.


Solzhenitzyn at Harvard After 40 Years

The year 1978 was five years after the Roe vs. Wade abortion-on-demand edict of the Supreme Court, a legal and moral outrage still not revoked. And today even children can access the worst pornography on a cell phone. The American birthrate keeps dropping well below the replacement level. Europe is even worse. 


GOP Goes Full Metal Trump Jacket

What’s noteworthy is how both GOP candidates are going over the top identifying with Trump and his issues, while demonizing the other guy as a tool of Pelosi. One Rohrabacher campaign flyer features pictures of him as a young speechwriter standing next to President Reagan; next to that is a picture of Trump. The words highlight three issues: “Leading the fight against illegal immigration….Working to end the unfair ‘Gas & Car Tax’…. Supporting President Trump.”


Aeneid Book III: Christianity and Classical Culture, Episode 21


In this third episode on the Aeneid (Episodes 1 and 2 available here and here) Dr. Fleming discusses similarities between the Odyssey and Aeneid and why Aeneas must press forward, through geographic and intellectual wanderings, even though he finds some of his fellow Trojans building “Parva Troia” and finds a beautiful queen in Dido who tempts him to end his journey. Book III is an essential background for understanding the work.


Wednesday’s Child: Satan in the Details

This is an old story – exactly two years old, to be exact – but I completely missed it when it was unfolding, and something tells me the gentle reader was likewise napping even as mischievous Pan was sounding his pipes. In June 2016 the Alps played host to a variety of dignitaries, including Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Francois Hollande, and Italy’s Matteo Renzi, at the opening ceremony for the $10 billion St. Gotthard tunnel, at 57 kilometers through solid rock the world’s longest and most ambitious. This six-hour-long theatrical spectacle had been choreographed by a German called Volker Hesse,...