The Fleming Foundation Cultural Commentary


Born Out of Due Time, Chapter Two: Conclusion

“You are what you eat, as the Germans say, but it is even truer that you are what you allow to be put into your head.  It’s small wonder you are haunted by dreams and have so many suspicions, when you open the door to someone else’s commercial daydreams.  Life is not a TV show or a movie or even a novel.  My first piece of advice is to avoid television and to stay off the internet as much as possible”.


Wednesday’s Child: Voters in Peril

I met Badri Patarkatsishvili once, in a nightclub where I was taken by Boris Berezovsky.  With Berezovsky himself I’d had a cordial relationship going back to the first days of his flight to Britain.  Sasha Litvinenko I also met once, at the famous press conference he gave in London about his book, banned in Russia in 2003 and since 2015 on the Federal Roster of Extremist Materials