Author: Thomas Fleming


Burial of the Dead

Although we moderns look at questions of inheritance largely in economic terms, Jews, Greeks, and Romans were also interested in the continuity of the bloodline and in the carrying out of ritual obligations, particularly to the dead testator and his ancestors. 


On Alasdair MacIntyre

On Facebook, I posted a bit of my musings on the “secular confession,” and a FB ‘friend” wondered if my Morality of Everyday Life, which he had ordered, was much like Alasdair MacIntyre.  I posted the following answer..


Secular Confession, Conclusion

I’ll take the last two commandments as a whole, since they are saying, in essence, the same thing: Nobody has the right to tell anyone what is right for him or her. You should be free to live any way you want so long as you’re not  harming other people.