Author: Thomas Fleming


Some Junk I Posted on FB Today…

I used to have a Greek friend from Alexandria. Alex was a businessman who became a professor of business. He used to say you couldn’t argue with communists, because after you had refuted every argument of theirs from A to Z, they’d say, “What about A?” as if it had never been discussed. It is the problem with all ideologies, and I do mean all, including especially anti-communism.


The Breaking of Nations, Part II: A Look Back at the 1990’s

Then let us look back together at the last decade of the rotten old Millennium, a thousand years of treason against human equality.  It was an age of white male villains who subjugated women, tortured the differently gendered, enslaved Africans, murdered and raped the peaceful followers of Mohammed, vilified and plundered the harmless Mongols who, in search of peace and prosperity, tried to make their way into Europe.


The Breaking of Nations, Part One: Preface

Once or twice a decade in the mass media—news mass-produced for the masses of consumers by the masses in the press—stories about secession movements flare up like a cheap match and then burn out.  Most recently, we have heard about disgruntled people in the Pacific Northwest who want to break away from their masters in Seattle, Portland, and Sacramento and join with the sturdy yeoman of Idaho.  How little they know!  Washington today is Colorado yesterday, California the week before—and Idaho tomorrow.  The progressive virus is not a paper tiger put together out of newsprint and television images:  It is...


Why Geezers Rule

The Atlantic has an article wondering why old men run America, and why, in particular, a geezer who cannot tell his wife from his sister is the likely Democratic candidate.


Schumer Flacks the Court

Schumer and his cronies, like leftist Democrats since the New Deal, have used the Court, whenever they could, to strengthen the power of the central government, but, whenever the Supreme Court has been perceived as an obstacle to their plans to concert power in their own hands, they are tempted to threaten the Court.